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EASO: Afghans Filed 72 % More Asylum Applications in EU, in September

A total of 71,200 applications for international protection were filed in EU countries in September 2021, an increase of a quarter compared to August figures and the largest since November 2016, according to the latest report published by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). .

The total number of requests in EU countries exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

According to an EASO report, in September 2021, citizens of Afghanistan filed the largest number of international protection applications in EU countries, or more than 17,000, up from 10,000 compared to August figures and nearly double the number of international protection applications. Applications submitted by Syrians, reports.

Such figures made Afghanistan the main country of origin. For seven years, Syria accounted for the largest number of asylum applications submitted in the European Union.

According to figures published by EASO, requests from Afghans registered a 72 percent increase from about 10,000 in August to a total of 17,300 in September.

This increase partly reflects the evacuations that followed the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August. Afghans were by far the largest group of EU+ applicants in September, with nearly double the number of applications submitted by Syrians (9,100), who were the largest group each month for seven years until July 2021,” the statement published by EASO reads. .

The report emphasized that Turkish citizens were the third largest group of applicants interested in international protection in EU countries.

Asylum applications by citizens of Iraq continued to increase, mainly due to the irregular migration route visa to Belarus.

The following nationalities also account for a large number of applications submitted in the EU countries in September:

Bangladeshis (2800, new high) Pakistanis (2700) Albanians (2100) Venezuelans (1800) Georgians and Tunisians (1700 each)

The ten main nationalities together accounted for nearly two-thirds of all applications in EU+. About 3,000 applications were made by unaccompanied minors, and they have remained at the highest level since 2016. They represent 4 per cent of all applications in the European Union,” the statement read.

The report also revealed that EU asylum authorities issued nearly 40,500 preliminary decisions in September, which is a significant increase compared to August’s figures.

During the same month, asylum applications outnumbered first-degree decisions by more than 30,000, the largest gap in five years.

The EU’s recognition rate in September was 41 percent, the highest since April 2020.

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