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Denmark Urged to Remove Advice Against Travel Abroad, Following Norway’s & Sweden’s Example

The Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association (DRF) has called on the government of Denmark to abolish travel restrictions imposed on travelers from third countries as soon as possible and to cancel the advice not to travel to other countries in order to facilitate the travel process.

The association also called on the country’s foreign ministry to follow the lead of other Nordic countries, such as Norway and Sweden, which recently decided to scrap advice against travel to countries outside the European Union, reports.

Norway recently announced that it will cancel its travel advice, allowing its citizens to travel to other countries even for non-essential reasons such as tourism, from October 1, as the advice will not be extended beyond its expiration date.

Through the letter to the Danish authorities, Lars Theeker, CEO of the Danish Travel Agency Association, along with Henrik Specht, Director of Tour Operators of Denmark, emphasized that although most Danish citizens have been fully immunized or previously infected with the virus, Meaning that it is possible to travel completely freely to almost all other countries, the State Department’s guidelines do not reflect such a reality.

Instead, State Department travel guides create confusion and uncertainty among both travelers and travel agents by continuing to assert that the world outside the EU is ‘orange,’ even though previously vaccinated and infected people can already travel freely. To the countries concerned,” reads the statement published by the DFR.

According to the letter, travel guides play an essential role in helping the country manage the current COVID-19 situation. The DTA also emphasizes that the evidence is not clearly defined when it comes to the travel process.

“But it is simply not clear enough from the travel advisory that the ministry advises against non-essential travel to third countries, which see. The above colored “orange” in the travel instructions does not apply to the vaccinated and previously infected! This is despite the fact that 85 per cent of Danes over the age of 12 are now fully vaccinated,” stressed the DFR.

The Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Denmark has also urged the country’s government to “hand over” travel instructions as soon as possible in order to facilitate the travel process for fully vaccinated people as well as those who have previously recovered from the disease.

In short, the change will mean the disappearance of orange and its replacement with green (Corona low-risk area) for the vast majority of countries in the world.

However, despite the call, authorities in Denmark continue to maintain strict entry rules, especially for travelers from countries that have recently reported an increased number of COVID-19 infections.

Previously, authorities in Denmark announced that they had imposed stricter rules on travelers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova as they were removed from the list of safe zones after an increase in COVID-19 infections was reported.

Earlier this month, the Danish government also removed Uruguay and Romania from the list of countries considered safe based on their epidemiological status.

The Scandinavian country has registered a total of 353 people in the past 24 hours, according to figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The same source reveals that since the beginning of the epidemic, 357,037 people in Denmark have tested positive for coronavirus while 2,642 people have died.

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