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Denmark to Simplify Entry Rules, Announces Restriction-Free Entry for Vaccinated & Recovered Travellers

With the majority of the adult population being fully vaccinated in Denmark and as the launch of the vaccine progresses in Europe, the Parliament of Denmark has agreed to ease entry rules and simplify travel restrictions for those arriving in the Scandinavian country as well as Danes traveling abroad.

“In Denmark, we are in a good place where COVID19 is no longer a serious social disease, and the majority of the population is now being vaccinated. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to maintain extensive police control of entry, as tourists outside the EU must have a specific purpose to be allowed into the Denmark,” Justice Minister Nick Hekrupp said, welcoming the government’s decision.

According to a press release issued by the State Department yesterday, the travel guides will be updated on Friday, October 15, and entry rules will come into effect on October 25.

In line with the new agreement, entry restrictions will now primarily affect people who have not been vaccinated or previously infected with the virus, reports.

This means that based on the new rules, starting from October 25, non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers arriving in Denmark from an EU country and the Schengen Area will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test within 24 hours prior to their arrival.

The same requirement also applies to Danish citizens and those who hold a permanent residence permit.

“After a year and a half, as the Covid-19 virus decided where we can travel and who can visit Denmark, we are now back to much more normal conditions. If the fight against epidemics is threatened by worrisome variables abroad, we are ready to respond,” said the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunick. .

In contrast, fully vaccinated, previously recovered EU/Schengen area travelers, as well as those with a negative test result, will be able to enter without restriction.

In addition, it was revealed that vaccinated/recovered travelers from countries around the world will need for a longer period of time on an essential purpose to be allowed into Denmark. Furthermore, they will not be required to take the test prior to entry as this requirement will be waived.

Furthermore, travelers from OECD countries and countries that have been successfully linked in the EU’s COVID-19 passport scheme can enter Denmark without following the rules of testing and self-isolation.

As for Danish citizens who want to travel outside the country, the Danish authorities previously announced that they can now travel to most countries and regions around the world, including popular winter destinations.

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