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Denmark Selects IDEMIA to Deliver New Border Control Solution for Its External Schengen Borders

The Danish National Police, Rigspolitiet, has awarded IDEMIA with a ten-year contract plan to develop and maintain a new border management system for Denmark’s external Schengen borders due to the annual increase in visitors and changing EU regulations.

According to a press release from IDEMIA, Rigspolitiet has decided to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the introduction of the new entry/exit system in the European Union to replace and enhance the existing border management solution, with new EES regulations due to be implemented in place next year.

“After Iceland, Denmark is the second European country to have chosen to collaborate with IDEMIA to implement a complete and highly secure solution that improves the flow of travelers,” said Pascal Valle, IDEMIA Senior Vice President Europe, Public Security and Identity.

To be able to provide the Danish National Police with a comprehensive solution, IDEMIA has partnered with two local companies in Denmark – Systematic and Biometric Solutions.

The European Union Entry/Exit System (EES), which is due to become fully effective by May 2022, is a new scheme that aims to allow EU member states to register every entry and exit as well as replace the current use of a passport stamp.

In addition, the system aims to help member states deal with large numbers of travelers, help identify third-country nationals who do not meet entry rules and reduce irregular immigration, among other things.

To help Danish border management, the new system will serve the hardware needs of around 12,000 border control, immigration and law enforcement officers.

Moreover, the solutions will also help with immigration monitoring and law enforcement searches in national and international criminal databases, reports.

Apart from the National Border Management System, the solutions that IDEMIA will provide will also include:

Self-Service Kiosks Portable Integrated Border Control Equipment Automated Border Control eGates Self-adjusting Cameras Fingerprint Scanners Equip Hand Meters Mobile Biometric Tablets

In addition, with the exception of compliance with the new EES, the Danish entry/exit system will also operate in line with ETIAS regulations.

ETIAS will be an automated IT system set up to ensure security as well as identify irregular immigration or other risks posed by visa-exempt visitors traveling to the Schengen Area. The same will facilitate border crossing for the majority of travelers who do not pose such risks.

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