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Denmark Removes Entry Ban for Travellers from Bahrain & UAE, Including Those Unvaccinated

On Saturday, October 16, Denmark lifted the entry ban on travel from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates for all travelers regardless of their vaccination status.

The decision was made by the Danish National COVID-19 Task Force on travel restrictions and announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release.

This also affects the requirements for testing and isolation after returning from these countries, which the traveler can learn about on This change will take effect on Saturday, October 16, at 16 o’clock,” the press release explains.

Denmark’s decision to remove the entry ban for travelers from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, including those who have been vaccinated, was taken after the Council of the European Union placed both countries on its list of epidemiologically safe third countries, for residents of countries advised by member states. Remove all entry restrictions regardless of the traveler’s vaccination status.

Other EU countries have also implemented the recommendation, including Germany, which abolished the entry ban immediately thereafter. Sweden also lifted the entry ban for travelers from the UAE and Bahrain today, October 19.

On the other hand, the entry ban for residents of these two countries traveling to Denmark became effective just a day after the country normalized travel advice for Danish citizens planning trips abroad, rating each country’s riskyness on the basis of security. Factors like war, kidnapping, terrorism, etc., not just the COVID-19 situation as it has been since March 2020.

“From October 15, 2021, the travel instructions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be normalized, according to the time prior to the outbreak of the epidemic, where the security risk of the traveler at the destination is what determines the color,” the ministry said. In a press release issued on October 15.

As a result, Danes are no longer advised to avoid travel. Instead, they should only check their destination country and travel advisory issued by the ministry.

With regard to entry into the country, starting from October 25, 2021, new rules will apply to incoming travelers. Those arriving in Denmark from the European Union and the Schengen Area, who are fully vaccinated, previously infected with COVID-19, and those who tested positive for COVID-19 prior to arriving in Denmark, will be allowed entry without restriction. Those who do not have any of the three will have to be tested upon arrival in the country.

According to travel from outside the European Union and the Schengen area, the requirement to have a legitimate purpose for travel is no longer valid. However, some entry requirements still apply.

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