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Denmark Obliges Non-Vaccinated Arrivals From Switzerland, Greece, Belgium & France to Test for COVID-19

Travelers from many countries of the European Union and the Schengen area are subject to the requirement for negative COVID-19 test results when visiting Denmark, starting today, August 7, at 16.00 pm.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the decision on August 6, after the entry restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic were updated, based on the latest infection figures from the Statins Serum Institute.

According to a press release issued by the same ministry, Switzerland and the Sardinia region of Italy are now in the yellow category. At the same time, more areas in Belgium, France and Greece are turning yellow, which means that all three of these countries are now completely yellow.

Last week, Greece’s regions of Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Ionian Islands, Western Greece, Central Greece and Peloponnese were added to the yellow list.

Yellow class travelers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who have not previously contracted the virus are subject to dual testing requirements, which means they must submit negative COVID-19 test results, as well as test upon arrival.

“When returning from yellow countries, travelers who are not fully vaccinated or who are previously infected are required to take a post-entry test. Travelers are strongly encouraged to take a PCR test instead of a rapid test on entry to enhance the detection of delta variant infection in Denmark,” the ministry explains .

It also notes that children under the age of 16 are exempt from the test requirement, while children under the age of 16 and 17 are only exempted if they travel with a fully vaccinated or previously infected parent.

Traveling to the Czech Republic, Estonia and Turkey is very frustrating

On the other hand, Danish authorities have also advised Danish citizens to avoid traveling to the Czech Republic and Estonia as both countries have significant entry restrictions for travelers from Denmark.

Travel to Turkey is very frustrating, especially for unvaccinated people who have not previously been infected with the COVID-19 virus, as the number of infected travelers from this country to Denmark has risen.

The ministry notes that those traveling to countries in the orange category, including Estonia, the Czech Republic and Turkey – despite advice not to travel, will have to be tested and isolated upon return home.

“Isolation can be broken by a negative PCR test performed as soon as possible on the fourth day after entry. If you become infected during your trip to Turkey, there is a requirement for self-isolation and at the moment there are many infected Danes in quarantine hotels in Turkey Unvaccinated people who have been infected before.

The authorities are advising all travelers to take out private travel insurance that covers should they contract COVID-19.

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