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Denmark Now Permits Restriction-Free Entry for Travellers From Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia & Hungary

People from the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary are now allowed to enter Denmark without undergoing a test obligation or quarantine requirements as countries have been moved to the Green List.

The decision was announced by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which indicated that the newly updated measures have been in place since July 3, reports.

With the exception of the four countries listed above, the Spanish regions of Navarra and the Basque Country are now part of the Green List, which means that people from both regions can enter Denmark without restrictions.

Meanwhile, the ministry announced that several countries and regions have been moved to the yellow list:

European/Schengen countries and regions: Cyprus, Spanish regions of Catalonia, Melilla, Valencia

Non-European/Schengen Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Kosovo, Moldova, and Montenegro

Albania, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Rwanda and Serbia were also moved to the yellow list in an earlier announcement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel advisory for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Kosovo, Moldova and Montenegro will change from orange to yellow for these countries and territories. However, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Canada and Qatar continued to impose significant entry restrictions on travelers from Denmark, so these restrictions will continue to be marked in orange in the travel guide,” the ministry statement read.

Just like those coming from the green list countries and regions, all people coming from any country/region listed above are no longer required to follow the quarantine requirements. However, they must still undergo a COVID-19 test before entering the territory of Denmark.

On the contrary, Denmark has decided to continue to impose strict restrictions on arrivals from countries on the red list, also known as the COVID high-risk list.

Based on numbers provided by the Statens Serum Institute, the following regions and countries have been part of the red list since July 3:

Europe/Schengen countries and regions: Overseas territory of French Guinea

Non-European/Schengen Countries: Rosland, Chile, Suriname, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, and Namibia

Non-European/Schengen areas and urban areas: Scotland, the English areas of the North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber

Denmark already entered its final phase of its reopening plan on June 26, allowing unrestricted entry for travelers from most of the European Union and several other third countries.

As Denmark is one of the first countries to begin issuing and verifying an EU COVID passport, Danes are now able to travel to EU/Schengen area countries as long as they are immunized against the virus, submit a negative coronavirus test result, or provide evidence on payback.

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