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Denmark Normalizes Its Travel Advice – COVID-19 Is No Longer the Main Factor

Since Friday, October 15, Denmark’s advice on overseas travel for Danish citizens will not be based primarily on the COVID-19 situation, but on other security factors such as war, terrorism, political unrest, natural disasters, the risk of kidnapping and other risks.

The decision was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the same makes it clear that travel guides to countries of the world will be issued color-coded based on security factors, which must be followed by all Danish travelers, regardless of their vaccination status.

“From October 15, 2021, the travel instructions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be normalized, according to the time prior to the outbreak of the epidemic, where the security risk of the traveler at the destination determines the color,” the ministry notes in a press release.

Due to COVID-19, the Government of Denmark has updated travel advisories according to the situation of COVID-19 abroad. With 88 percent of the country’s adult population now fully vaccinated, on October 12, Denmark decided to ease travel restrictions.

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Now, travel guides will again be issued according to the color in which a particular country is colored – green, yellow, orange and red.

When traveling in green countries, Danes are advised to use common sense and pay attention just as you would in Denmark, while in yellow countries, travelers should be extra careful by paying more attention to their safety.

On the other hand, in orange destinations, non-essential trips are strongly not recommended. Necessary items for travel to the orange countries Urgent family visits and necessary tasks such as participating in a funeral, a birth or an experiment.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Danes to refrain from traveling to countries in the red category.

Currently, the State Department has travel guides for 76 countries, 21 of which either apply an entry ban to all travelers or impose strict entry restrictions on travelers from Denmark, meaning that holidays in these countries are not possible.

According to the ministry, due to the current entry rules in force in the following countries, leisure travel is not possible:

Argentina Australia China India Indonesia Israel Japan Myanmar Palestine Philippines South Korea Thailand (excluding Phuket) USA (until November 8) Vietnam

“In addition, non-vaccinated Danish travelers cannot take a normal tourist vacation in, for example, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Kingdom,” the ministry adds.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes it clear that ordinary Danish tourists cannot travel to Bolivia, Honduras, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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