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Czechia Urges EU to Tighten Passport Rules for Russian Citizens

In response to the conflict in Ukraine, the Interior Minister of the Czech Republic, Vita Rakosan, called on the European Union to impose stricter rules on Russian citizens entering the Schengen area – free of the border control zone.

More specifically, Minister Rakosan asked member states to agree to allow entry into the area only if incoming Russian citizens hold biometric passports, reports.

“We will invite our European colleagues … to demand that Russian citizens (hold) biometric passports to enter the Schengen area, so we have a clear certainty that the person entering with the passport is indeed that person,” Rakosan said.

The same also said that he is ready to work with the foreign ministries of EU member states to tighten visa rules for Russian citizens while creating special visa permits for people linked to the opposition in Russia or who are persecuted there because of their beliefs.

Earlier, the Czech Ministry of Health announced that no entry rules related to the COVID-19 virus will be applied to Ukrainian citizens, which means that the doors are open to welcome refugees without imposing any kind of virus-related documents.

“Due to the outbreak of the international armed conflict that struck the territory of Ukraine, the ban on entry and all obligations related to the rules against the spread of Covid-19 provided for in a special preventive measure for persons on the territory of the territory of Ukraine announced by the Czech Ministry of Health that they left due to the outbreak of an international conflict on the forces armed”.

The central European country is home to more than 200,000 Ukrainians who have immigrated there, mostly for work reasons. Although the Czechs are willing to welcome Ukrainian refugees, for the time being, there has been no noticeable interest in any kind of residence permit, Rakosan noted.

On the other hand, Moldovan and Romanian authorities – both countries neighboring the war zone, revealed that nearly 26,000 Ukrainian immigrants have reached their borders – 10,000 in Moldova and 16,000 in Romania but according to the interior ministers of these two countries, the incoming immigrants are more interested in moving towards European Union member states.

More specifically, the Minister of the Interior of Moldova, Anna Revenko, revealed that Ukrainian refugees have submitted fewer than 100 asylum applications. Similarly, the Romanian Interior Minister confirmed this claim, saying that only 11 applications for international protection had been submitted as of February 25.

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