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Czechia Tightens Entry Rules for Several EU Countries Few Days After Abolishing Quarantine Requirements

Czech authorities have revealed that entry rules for unvaccinated and non-exempt EU citizens will be tightened from Monday, 1 November, with more than half of the 27-country bloc added to the unsafe travel list.

According to the press release from the Czech Ministry of Health, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland and Slovakia have been added to the dark red color category, reports.

Furthermore, the red tier will now include Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, while Cyprus will be added to the orange tier.

While all travelers who have been fully vaccinated, those with previous COVID-19 infection and holders of an EU COVID-19 digital certificate and equivalent documents, are eligible to enter the country without entry restrictions.

In contrast to these, non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers from red and dark red countries are required to follow the following rules:

Register before arriving in the Czech Republic and pass the PCR test 72 hours or 48 hours before arrival for antigen tests.

Passengers of all classes are required to fill out an arrival form before arriving in the country.

Previously, the Czech Republic abolished the quarantine requirements for arrivals for all groups as the measure was cancelled.

The Ministry of Health issues a new preventive measure as of Wednesday, October 27, regulating the conditions for return from abroad. It will no longer be necessary to undergo self-isolation for returnees from red and dark red countries,” the ministry statement said.

Those traveling to the Czech Republic by individual transport do not have to take a test before departure, but they must take a PCR test on the fifth day of their stay.

The dark red color category currently includes all third countries outside the European Union, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Ireland, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The red category consists of Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Germany, Austria and Greece.

On the other hand, the orange category includes Andorra, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, the Balearic Islands, France, Cyprus, Monaco and Portugal, and non-immunized arrivals from these countries are required to undergo a PCR or antigen test five days when entering the country.

Furthermore, the green tier countries, which also follow the same rules as the orange tier, include Malta, Italy, Vatican City State, Spain, Australia, Bahrain, Chile, Hong Kong, Jordan, Korea, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, and Macau. New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, Eastern Republic of Uruguay and Taiwan.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that 1,752,086 positive cases with COVID-19 have been recorded in the Czech Republic since the outbreak of the pandemic, with 4,348 cases reported in the past 24 hours. In addition, eight deaths related to the effects of COVID-19 were recorded in the country in the last hours.

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