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Czechia Tightens Entry Restrictions for Unvaccinated Lithuanians – Relaxes Those for Arrivals from Spain, France, Monaco & Netherlands

Travelers from Lithuania planning to enter the Czech Republic will be subject to stricter entry restrictions, starting on Monday, September 27, as the country has been added to the list of dark red or high-risk countries.

All passengers from countries marked as dark red and red are required to go through a double test requirement by taking the test before and after arriving in the Czech Republic, as well as undergo a five-day quarantine upon arrival.

Other countries in the dark red category include Russia, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Georgia, and Turkey.

According to the weekly risk assessment published by the Czech authorities, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Monaco have been added to the orange category, which means that arrivals can enter the country by completing an entry form and undergoing a PCR or antigen test no later than the fifth day upon arrival in the Czech Republic, according to the reports.

The authorities explained that “the conditions for testing and self-isolation upon return do not apply to people who have at least 14 days after full vaccination or who have suffered from COVID-19. All they have to do is fill out the access form.”

The orange category consists of countries at medium risk and currently includes Andorra, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Finland, Malta, Spain’s Canary Islands and Portugal.

On the other hand, countries in the green category currently include Vatican City, Poland and Hungary. The same entry rules apply to both arrivals from green and orange countries.

According to the third countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Jordan, Korea, Canada, Qatar, Macau, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Taiwan are currently in the green category.

Moreover, countries at high risk (red category) include Bulgaria, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Cyprus, Norway, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Austria, Romania, Greece, San Marino and Switzerland. The same rules for dark red passengers apply to red passengers.

With increasing rates of coronavirus infection across Europe, the Czechs last week imposed stricter entry requirements for Slovenia, Latvia, San Marino, Romania and some other third countries, as a precaution against the spread of the virus.

World Health Organization data reveal that since January 2020, 4,724,876 people have lost their lives due to the fallout from the coronavirus. Moreover, 230,418,451 cases of the virus have been reported globally.

According to Czech Republic, the country has registered 1,688,457 positive cases of COVID-19, 484 of which were reported in the past 24 hours. At the same time, three people died of the disease, bringing the number of deaths reported in the Czech Republic to 30,451 since the beginning of the epidemic.

On the other hand, the state is implementing a vaccination campaign, of which 14,648,980 and 11,745,689 were distributed to 10.6 million Czechs.

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), 66.8 percent of Czechs are vaccinated with the first injection of the COVID vaccine, and 65.5 percent have been fully immunized with the virus.

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