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Czechia Lifts Entry Rules for EU/Schengen Area & Returning Travellers

The authorities of the Czech Republic have announced that travelers from the EU/Schengen area as well as returning citizens will not be subject to entry restrictions.

“As of Friday, March 18, returns from EU countries, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican are not restricted,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

According to this statement, all travelers entering and returning from an EU or Schengen country will now be exempted from the requirement to present a valid vaccination, test certificate or refund, reports.

However, the ministry clarified that restriction-free entry will not apply to travelers from the EU/Schengen area and to citizens entering Czech Republic after staying in a non-EU country.

This indicates that entry rules will now apply based on the country from which a person arrives in the Czech Republic.

The ministry confirmed that “the conditions for return from non-EU countries remain the same.”

Passengers entering and returning to the Czech Republic after staying in a non-EU country will still be required to fill in the Passenger Locator from and present a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

The vaccination certificate is valid in the Czech Republic if the document proves that the holder has completed the primary vaccination within the last 270 days or received a booster injection. On the other hand, a recovery certificate is only valid if its holder has recovered from the virus within the past 180 days.

Travelers from the EU/Schengen area, Czech citizens who do not hold a vaccination and recovery permit and who are traveling from a non-EU country can also enter Czech Republic. All they have to do is complete the form and take a double test. They need to have a PCR test or a rapid antigen test prior to arrival as well as a second PCR test between the fifth and seventh day after arrival.

Apart from making changes to entry rules for travelers from the EU/Schengen area, the authorities have announced that all of the following third countries will remain part of the list of safe third countries:

Indonesia South Korea Qatar Colombia Kuwait New Zealand Peru Rwanda Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Macau Taiwan

Travelers from these three countries can enter the Czech Republic for all kinds of purposes without being subject to strict entry rules.

The Czech Republic has already relaxed its domestic restrictions related to the coronavirus. Travelers and citizens no longer wear face masks. In addition, the requirement to carry a valid permit when accessing the majority of public places has also been dropped.

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