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Czechia Improves Cooperation with Croatia & Bulgaria Embassies Ahead of Summer Season

The Czech Republic has established summer consular posts with Croatia and Bulgaria, as well as deploying joint patrols and local police officers to assist tourists, while online guides are available to travelers.

According to a press release from the Czech Foreign Ministry, these measures have been prepared ahead of the summer season, when incoming tourists are expected to visit the country, reports.

Despite Putin’s attack on Ukraine, I am happy that tourism is back to what we knew before the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the epidemic is indelibly engraved in the travel habits of Czech citizens, and today and every day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and travel agencies solve problems related to confiscated travel documents or attempts to travel to Croatia with a secured card,” said Czech diplomat Jan Lebavsky.

Moreover, Ivan Bartos, Minister of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, urged travelers to purchase travel insurance so that tourists can get a guarantee in case of any inconvenience.

He pointed out that the payments for tourists from third countries will be lower as well as for those who ride alone, while the protection of organized tours is more accurate.

These changes and measures come after many cases of complications were registered for Czech citizens when traveling abroad, so this year the government set up a consular office in different countries such as Barcelona, ​​Spain, Burgas in Bulgaria and in the Croatian cities of Rijeka and Split. .

These consular offices are expected to assist citizens in cases, for example, of losing a travel document or in dealing with local authorities. There will also be joint patrols of Czech and local police officers deployed in Croatia and Bulgaria, which will help tourists overcome the language barrier in solving potential problems.

“I remind you that when traveling with children under 18, each child must have their own travel document or written parental consent if the child is traveling alone and the state requires it,” said Martin Smolek, deputy head of the legal and consular section.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Czech passengers to register in the DROZD system, through which they will receive updated information about unexpected events in their place of residence.

According to Statista data, the number of arrivals at tourist accommodation in the Czech Republic reached 22 million in 2019, the highest ever recorded. In the previous year, that number was 21.2 million, up 1.2 million from 2017.

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