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Czechia Eases Entry Rules for Returning Travellers

The authorities of the Czech Republic have announced that their citizens will now be able to return under the concessional entry rules.

According to the latest press release from the Czech Ministry of Health, starting today February 5, the country will apply entry rules based on travelers’ vaccination and recovery status, indicating that the color-coded system will no longer be used.

However, the traffic light system will continue to be applied to arrivals from other countries, reports.

“The so-called traffic light will not be used, and the conditions for return will be simpler. The ministry emphasized that the traffic light will only be relevant for the entry of foreigners.

In line with the new rules, Czech citizens who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from the virus will be able to enter without being subject to additional entry rules provided they present a valid certificate.

A person is considered to have been fully vaccinated upon entry into the Czech Republic if the initial vaccination was completed within the last 270 days, which means that the country has a validity period of nine months on vaccination certificates. If a person receives an additional vaccine dose, the validity of the certificate will be extended indefinitely.

The Czech Republic also allows unrestricted entry to its citizens who present a recovery certificate proving that the holder has recovered from COVID-19 disease within the past 180 days.

Unlike vaccinated and recovered travelers who will not be required to meet the additional entry rules when returning to the Czech Republic, unvaccinated and non-recovered travelers must meet the entry rules.

Unvaccinated and non-exhausted travelers returning to the Czech Republic from an EU country are required to submit a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test performed prior to entry. However, the authorities made it clear that people returning from an EU country using individual means of transport are not required to follow this requirement.

“People traveling to the Czech Republic from an EU country by individual transport do not have to undergo a pre-accession antigen test,” the ministry statement read.

On the other hand, those who return to the Czech Republic from a non-EU country need to take another test after arrival apart from the pre-examination. A second COVID-19 test should be done from the fifth to the seventh day after arrival.

Apart from the above measures, all returning travelers are required to complete an arrival form, regardless of the country they are traveling from.

The Czech Republic currently maintains entry rules for travelers from other countries as well. In its latest update, the ministry announced that all arrivals from EU/Schengen area countries will still be subject to entry rules.

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