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Czechia Continues to Keep in Place Traffic Light System for Incoming Travellers

The authorities of the Czech Republic have announced that the country will continue to impose entry rules for foreigners based on their country of origin.

This means that the traffic light system will remain in place until another update, reports.

“From March 7, the Ministry of Health has issued a new preventive measure for the modernization of the so-called traffic light. The traffic light is now only relevant for the entry of foreigners. The classification of countries into individual categories does not change,” reads the statement of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Currently, all countries of the European Union and the Schengen area, with the exception of the state of Vatican City and Malta, are part of the Czech dark red list. Vatican City was placed on the Green List while Malta was placed on the Red List.

All travelers arriving in the Czech Republic from an EU/Schengen area country must fill out an arrival form.

Furthermore, they are also required to present one of the certificates that is part of the EU digital COVID Card – a vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

The Czech Republic accepts all vaccination certificates that prove that the holder has completed the initial vaccination with one of the approved doses of the vaccine in the last 270 days. Vaccination cards indicating vaccination with a booster dose are also accepted, and remain valid for an indefinite period.

“People who have had a maximum of 270 days of full vaccination are considered immune. After a booster dose and in the case of people under the age of 18, the vaccination certificate is valid indefinitely. The ministry indicated that vaccines outside the European Union and people who have contracted the Covid virus – 19 abroad must verify that their degree is recognized.

Return certificates are also accepted as valid proof of entry if the document proves that the holder has tested positive for the virus at least 180 days in advance.

For negative COVID-19 tests, authorities have made it clear that the Czech Republic accepts both rapid antigen tests and polymerase chain reaction tests. In order to identify tests on entry, a rapid antigen test must be performed within 24 hours prior to entry, and a PCR test must be performed within 72 hours prior to entry.

Third country travelers arriving in the Czech Republic from highly affected areas must meet the entry rules in order to be allowed to enter the Czech Republic. They need to fill out the registration form as well, in addition to submitting one of the above-mentioned certificates.

However, unvaccinated and non-exempt third-country travelers who plan to enter the Czech Republic by submitting a negative test result should note that they need to undergo a second PCR test after arrival between the fifth and seventh day.

The authorities have confirmed that the current COVID-19 entry rules do not apply to citizens of Ukraine due to the ongoing war.

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