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Czech Citizens Will Be Unable to Enter UK With Only an ID Card Starting From October 1

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in London has reminded citizens of the Czech Republic that from 1 October they will not be allowed to enter the UK by presenting an ID only at the UK port of entry.

Authorities in the UK have implemented new changes to entry rules since the beginning of this year when the Brexit transition period ended, while travelers from European countries will now have to present a passport upon arrival in the UK, starting October 1, SchengenVisaInfo reports. com.

However, the government made it clear that passengers included in one of the categories below are subject to exemptions:

Travelers who have been granted settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, if their Czech Republic identity card is registered in the application For the EU Settlement Scheme.Travelers have a work permit for a cross-border worker.The passenger has a work permit for a cross-border worker

“Outside these categories – given the complexity of the issue and the individual approach of the UK immigration authorities, we strongly encourage you to each planned entry into the UK to verify your Czech Republic ID card on the UK government website website”, read the statement published by the Embassy The Czech Republic in London.

Previously, the UK stressed that from 1 October, travelers from the European Union and the Schengen area will be required to present a valid passport when attending the UK border, as they will no longer be allowed to enter the UK by only presenting ID cards.

During the time when the UK was officially part of the European Union, citizens of EU and EEA countries were allowed to cross Britain’s borders by only showing identification when they arrived, in accordance with EU and Schengen area rules that allow travelers to move freely into the territory of each of them by presenting this document only as evidence of entry.

However, once the Brexit transition period ended, British authorities began implementing new rules while entry to the UK with ID cards would not be offered to travelers from the European Union, except in exceptional cases. previously reported that, in the first quarter of this year, more than 3,294 EU citizens were not allowed to enter the UK, according to data provided by the Home Office, which shows travelers from the EU are now subject to stricter entry rules when they plan to travel to the UK. United kingdom.

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