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Cyprus’ Tourism Is Recovering – 288% More Tourists Arrivals Were Registered in September, Official Data Shows

The Cyprus Statistics Service revealed that Cyprus witnessed a surge in the number of tourist trips in September 2021, with 339,242 people visiting the island.

According to the authority, this number is 288.4 percent more than the corresponding period of 2020, when 87,334 tourist arrivals were registered. However, compared to pre-pandemic levels, arrivals are still down 35.3 percent accounting for 524,707 visitors, reports.

The data also shows a positive trend for the January-September period, with total arrivals of nearly 1.3 million – 153.7 per cent higher than 2020 when 512,184 arrivals were registered and 60.1 per cent lower than September 2019 (3,260,546 arrivals) .

The largest number of arrivals came from the United Kingdom, with 97,741 visitors representing 28.8 percent of the total, followed by Russian visitors (88,983), Poland (20,625), Ukraine (1414,767), Greece (19,944), and Germany. (12608).

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Moreover, the main reasons for these visits during September were vacations (86.6%), visiting friends and relatives (9.3%) and business (4.1%).

The stats report indicates the difference in tourists comparing 2021 levels to the previous year.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the damage it has caused, a positive result was noted on the registry as 4.1 percent of people who arrived in Cyprus in September 2021 came to work, an increase of about 0.2 percent from 2019. This number was higher in 2020 – 7.2 per cent, although stricter entry rules and requirements have been stricter, and travel has been a challenge.

Moreover, 2020 data also shows that more people came to Cyprus to reconcile with their families and relatives (13.4 percent), than in 2020 (9.1 percent) and in 2021 (9.3 percent).

Last year, Cypriot Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios promoted the country’s tourism industry across the 27-nation bloc in a bid to attract more international tourists.

“What is important is that it seems that we keep a large proportion of scheduled trips – mainly from EU countries. This means that the advertising campaign for the winter season is the most important, and it entails spending more money compared to the summer when tour operators contribute as well”, stressed the minister.

The Mediterranean country has a population of 1.22 million, and the main industry is tourism which accounts for about 18 percent of the country’s economy.

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