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Cyprus to Introduce New Campaign to Revive Its Tourism Sector Amid COVID-19

The Cyprus Tourism Ministry is trying to revive the tourism sector, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus situation.

In this regard, the country’s Tourism Minister, Savvas Perdios, is touring Europe in order to promote the country’s tourism industry, introducing a campaign aimed at attracting international tourists, reports.

Perdios told the Financial Mirror that the country is taking into account scheduled flights during the winter months despite the fact that the COVID-19 situation has raised uncertainty, discouraging tour operators from chartering planes.

The minister believes that the performance of the tourism sector during this year will be 40 percent compared to 2019 levels, primarily driven by international arrivals in the second half of this year.

“Here we are campaigning to encourage airlines to keep their contacts with the island going and to convince tour operators to prepare packages for Cyprus by buying seats on scheduled flights. On the second level, we are here to promote the country to people who have chosen to book their holidays independently,” the minister noted. In this regard.

Perdios emphasized that during this winter and possibly even March, primary passenger traffic to Cyprus will focus on scheduled flights rather than charter flights. The minister stressed that the strategy aims to attract visitors, “so that it will be in a position to launch the tourism industry in early April”, while hoping that the numbers will approach the pre-pandemic state.

“What is important is that it seems that we are keeping a large proportion of the flights scheduled – mainly from EU countries. In this regard, the Minister noted that the winter advertising campaign is the most important, and it involves spending more money than in the summer when tour operators also contribute.

In addition, Perdios stressed that charter flights from the UK were few, while Russia, the largest market for Cyprus after the UK, has never opened for charter flights.

World Health Organization (WHO) data revealed that Cyprus has recorded a total of 122,263 cases of COVID-19 virus and 126 deaths since the start of the pandemic. WHO figures reveal that in the past four hours, Cyprus recorded 126 new cases and two deaths.

According to figures provided by the authorities in Cyprus, during the year 2020, there was an overall decrease of 84 percent in the number of tourist arrivals. This decline was mainly a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Cypriot authorities earlier stated that in 2019, the number of tourist arrivals hit a record high of 3.96 million.

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