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Cyprus’ Small City of Chlorakas Experiences Influx of Migrants

The Cypriot village of Chlorakas is experiencing an influx of immigrants, while a quarter of its population is refugees.

The increasing number of migrants trying to reach Cyprus has raised tensions between the Cypriot and Turkish authorities, reports.

According to the Cypriot government, the country recorded the largest number of first-time applications for international protection in the European Union per capita, accusing the authorities in Turkey of sending a large number through the UN-controlled buffer zone.

“We have a demographic problem,” Chlorakas Mayor Nicholas Lyassides noted in this regard, as reported by Euractiv.

The authorities in Cyprus are trying to find new ways in order to prevent the influx of immigrants and to manage the current situation.

In this regard, the country’s Ministry of the Interior has recently stressed that returning migrants whose applications for international protection have been rejected is necessary to facilitate overcrowding and reduce violence in migrant reception camps.

According to Minister Nikos Norris, a total of 35 migrants were slightly injured in acceleration between competing groups of underage migrants at the Burnara camp on the outskirts of Nicosia.

The authorities in Cyprus stressed that the increase in the number of immigrants is pushing the capacity of the small island beyond its borders.

Minister Norris emphasized that a total of 85 per cent of people seeking asylum in Cyprus had arrived in the country via the ethnically divided island’s Turkish north and then crossed the UN buffer zone, a demilitarized zone under UN patrol. As reported by 104.5WOKV.

The increasing number of migrants Cyprus is currently facing has prompted the authorities of the two countries to level accusations against each other.

Authorities in Cyprus have accused the Turkish government of facilitating the flow of migrants to the eastern Mediterranean island nation.

According to the minister, the European Union supports the idea that Cyprus needs to take preventive measures in order to stop the arrival of migrants through this region.

In this regard, it was reported that three EU officials, including EU Vice-Presidents, Margaritas Schinas, will visit the country in the next few weeks to inspect the situation in the buffer zone.

Based on the figures provided by Euractiv, Cyprus, like many European countries, receives a large number of immigrants.

The same source shows that more than 12,000 Syrians have sought international protection in Cyprus since 2011, when the country’s civil war began.

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