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Cyprus Ends Quarantine Requirement for France, Spain, Netherlands & Portugal

Cypriot authorities have announced that travelers from France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Uruguay are now exempt from dual testing and quarantine requirements as countries have been removed from the red category.

However, Orange Class entrants, where the above countries belong, must still submit a PCR report that is done 72 hours prior to arrival to enter Cyprus, reports.

The orange category includes the following countries:

EU Member States: Denmark, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta and Finland Smaller Countries: Andorra and Vatican City Schengen Members: Iceland Third Countries: United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Kuwait, Bahrain and Singapore

According to the weekly assessment of epidemiological risks, Latvia and Romania were removed from the orange category, as the infection rates of COVID-19 increased in the two countries. From Monday, September 27, travelers from these countries are required to submit a PCR test taken 72 hours before departure and undergo a 14-day quarantine requirement, or take a self-purchased test upon arrival in the country, in order to prevent self-isolation.

The remaining countries in the red countries or high-risk countries include:

EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia Minor Countries: Monaco, San Marino Schengen Members: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway Third Countries: Egypt, Armenia, Georgia, USA Kingdom, Japan, Israel, Canada, Belarus, Lebanon, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia

Compared to the previous risk assessment, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova are no longer red-coloured countries.

No changes have been applied to the green category, which, as the following list indicates, remains the same:

EU member states: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic. Third countries: Australia, Jordan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia

However, travelers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from the disease are exempt from testing and quarantine requirements. The country has also successfully connected to the EU’s digital COVID-19 certification portal, allowing vaccinated and recovered travelers to move freely across the EU by submitting the document digitally or physically.

According to the epidemiological situation of the country, the latest data published by the World Health Organization reveals that Cyprus has reported 551 deaths, with one reported on September 27. 119,689 cases of COVID-19 have also been recorded, with 99 cases. Those that are revealed today.

Vaccination rates are increasing in Cyprus as 80.1 percent of the population has so far been vaccinated with a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 76.8 percent are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed. Of the 1,536,043 doses of vaccines distributed in Cyprus, 1,136,286 doses were administered to the population.

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