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Corporate Travel Bookings to Germany Increase by 89% Due to Travel Lanes Dedicated to Vaccinated Passengers

Vaccinated Travel Itineraries (VTL) has allowed Singaporeans to boom in corporate travel bookings as travel management firm FCM revealed that bookings have increased by 89 per cent.

Furthermore, the FCM reveals that the VTL has caused travel bookings in Germany to double since it was implemented in early September to resume corporate travel for fully vaccinated travelers. However, VTL travelers must undergo a COVID test prior to travel, reports.

Vic Paris, Vice President of Customer Success in Asia, acknowledges that corporate travel will take some time to recover, but highlights the importance of implementing a VTL.

“There is no doubt that corporate travel will take some time to recover. However, we expect this momentum to continue especially as we approach the end of the year, as the desire for corporate and travelers to travel remains high, especially to VTL destinations.

Moreover, according to Paris, Germany was listed as the number one destination for Singaporeans traveling abroad, replacing the USA which took first place on this list. FCM data also shows that nearly 100 per cent of travelers leave Munich and Frankfurt on VTL flights in order to prevent quarantine requirements on arrival in Singapore.

FCM highly commends corporate travelers’ desire to opt for VTLs, with Paris saying corporate travel and customer experience are getting a new lease on life.

“We are seeing a very positive outlook with corporate travelers eager to embrace VTLs. With the pandemic impacting relationships and mental well-being, we have also noticed a change in the purpose of travel among our customers.”

During September, the company saw an increase in customer bookings for leisure and home vacations, which made up a third of all bookings. Prior to September, these booking reasons accounted for only about five percent of all bookings.

The majority of bookings came from Europeans who wanted to meet their families after being separated for more than 18 months. While many chose the Singapore-German VTL for business reasons, many travelers took the opportunity to meet with their families or take extra days of leisure on their travels.

To encourage people to book more flights, airlines with VTL flights offered discounts on economy seats at a rate of 60 percent after the VTL was announced. Furthermore, business class ticket costs are up 15 per cent as airlines aim to generate revenue from corporate and corporate travelers, as they are less affected by seat costs.

A representative of the FCM, Paris, also said airlines would be expected to charge higher fees in an effort to offset losses from the pandemic. However, FCTG and FCM recognize that people’s confidence in travel takes time to rebuild.

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