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Business Travel Might Recover Faster Than Expected, CEO of Lufthansa Claims

As the epidemiological situation is starting to improve in most countries and with vaccination rates rising every day, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said business travel is recovering faster than expected.

According to Reuters, Spohr said business flights returned faster and stronger than expected, with Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Italy the main countries reporting an increase in flight operations.

Although COVID-19 disease and its strains, especially the delta variant, are still present in Europe and in the world, Spohr claimed that there will be no decrease in demand for business travel during the coming winter months since a large number of flight reservations have already been made, according to reports.

Thus, this means that if the current positive trends remain, business travel will remain stable until at least the end of March.

Previously, figures from hotel data tracker STR showed that international business travel may not recover for several years due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel and business sector.

At the time, STR’s managing director, Robin Rossmann, said that while international business travel might appear conservative, it might not recover until 2024.

This has been frustrating to many since now, the majority of vaccinated and recovered travelers are allowed to travel without restrictions to most areas. However, it is unclear when business travel will return to its pre-pandemic state.

In addition, through a survey, Business Travel Show Europe also showed that due to the impacts that COVID-19 has had on business, one in ten travel buyers in the European Union expect to increase their company’s travel spending during 2022, compared to the figures recorded during the period before the pandemic.

On international travel, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged governments to keep their promise and honor commitments aimed at improving travel amid the pandemic. More precisely, countries have to follow the commitments made during the high-level conference on COVID-19, which in total includes 14 actions.

Previously, reported that thousands of passengers were still waiting for compensation from Lufthansa as their flights were canceled in 2019 due to strikes. The series of Lufthansa cabin crew union strikes, which occurred in November 2019, caused a significant number of passengers to lose their flights.

Passengers are entitled to compensation in line with EU law on the rights of air travelers. However, they have not yet received it.

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