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Brussels Airlines: Travellers Can Soon Verify Their Own COVID-19 Documents Remotely

Brussels Airlines has announced that passengers will soon be able to check their COVID-19 documents at home to avoid waiting times at the airport.

According to a press release from Brussels Airlines, it was revealed that from today, August 18, the airline will allow travelers to France, Portugal, Spain and Greece to check necessary health documents remotely.

With this new service, Brussels Airlines aims to make the travel process easier and more accessible as well as reduce the number of people waiting at airports to have their COVID-19 document checked, reports.

Passengers eligible to check their documents at home will receive an invitation from Brussels Airlines, which requires them to upload their documents to notification emails sent three times prior to departure.

“With this new service, the airline wants to make travel easier and more convenient and reduce queues at airport check-in counters. Guests who are eligible for in-house document checks will receive an invitation to upload their documents through notification emails sent 6, 3 and 1 days in advance. of departure,” a Brussels Airlines statement read.

Once the required documents are uploaded, an encrypted email will be sent to the Lufthansa Group Service Center, after which the documents will be verified. Once the documents are approved, the traveler will receive a confirmation email and will be able to finish the online check-in.

However, if any document is missing, or the uploaded documents do not meet the specified conditions, the service center informs the passengers and asks them to upload the missing documents. It has been confirmed that if this happens, passengers will not be able to use the online check-in.

“If the documents are missing or the uploaded documents do not comply with the rules, the service center will inform the passenger and ask to upload the missing documents. In this case, the passenger will not be able to use the online check-in service.”

Along with this new feature, Brussels Airlines has also launched an interactive map that enables travelers to find relevant information they need to know before traveling.

Many other air travel companies have also made changes to their requirements and rules when it comes to travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, reported that Finnair, one of Finland’s largest airlines, had decided not to allow its passengers to wear cloth masks, as they were not as effective as surgical masks.

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