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Brokers Scam Moroccans Who Wish to Reach Germany With Fake Work Contracts

Hundreds of Moroccans wishing to reach Germany were deceived by brokers who offered forged work contracts.

Although there are many middlemen who claim to help Moroccans leave their country and reach Germany, one of them, HJ, is the most well-known, according to Mohajer News.

It is believed that this broker asks Moroccans to pay large sums, from 1,500 euros to 9,000 euros, to help them enter Germany with a work contract.

However, this specific broker is now imprisoned in Morocco after it was found to have engaged in illegal activities, reports.

According to Mohajer News, the young Moroccan with a professional bachelor’s degree and also knowledge of German wanted to leave for Germany because, according to him, the latter offers better employment insights than his country.

However, the young Moroccan encountered many problems along the way. First, he was required to pay 1,500 euros before obtaining the work contract and visa. After that, the Moroccan citizen was asked to pay another 4,000 euros. This means that the total procedure will cost him more than 5,000 euros.

However, the person was not able to get to Germany and was on the verge of losing all the money as the broker asked him to make an appointment at the consulate and then asked to cancel the appointment days later.

Such actions made the Moroccan citizen doubt the whole situation and demand the return of the money. He was able to get all the money back because the broker didn’t want to make any problems.

The same person again tried to find another contract in Germany, but this time pushed HJ to carry out the procedures. After all payments were made, he found out that the employment contract was forged, and found out that he was among 127 other victims.

While the work of brokers is illegal in Germany, cases similar to the one mentioned above have also been reported.

Apart from those looking for work in Germany, the country is the most popular destination for asylum seekers. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees reported earlier this year that in 2021, the country received nearly 200,000 asylum applications.

Data from the European Union Asylum Agency shows that the request for international protection in EU+ has increased significantly. EU+ countries received more than 71,4,000 asylum applications in November, 6,000 more than in October.

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