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Brits in Poland Urged to Apply for Residence Permits Before December 31

There are only three months left for the British to apply for a residence permit in Poland in order to retain their rights derived from the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement (Brexit) between the UK and the EU.

According to a press release from the Polish Office of Foreigners, British citizens can exchange their residence permits until December 31. The office is calling on Britons to apply for the document as soon as possible and reveals that more than 3,000 Britons have applied for residence permits so far, reports.

The Withdrawal Agreement contains rules regarding the stay of UK nationals in Poland. Since January 1, they are allowed to stay in the country if they use the right of residence under EU laws before December 2020 and if they decide to stay in Poland.

Furthermore, residence permits issued to Britons before December 31, 2020, are recognized as valid until their expiration date. However, these permits will expire after December 31, 2021. Until then, those who have taken advantage of the Withdrawal Agreement are allowed to apply for document replacement. Britons without a residence permit can register their residence and apply for a residence card.

The press release states that “Applicants who submit their applications by December 31, 2021, will receive an application certificate valid for one year, serving as a temporary residence permit.”

On the other hand, as previously reported by, September 30 was the deadline for British citizens to apply for a residence permit in Finland.

Under the Withdrawal Agreement, only Britons already living in Finland before December 30, 2020 can apply for a residence permit. Moreover, out of 5,000 British citizens, the Finnish Immigration Service received 3,923 applications for residence permits, with the vast majority granted.

From 1 January 2021, Britons moving to any EU member state must apply for a visa to work or study, just as all third-country nationals do. Furthermore, UK nationals must also apply for a visa permit if they plan to stay in the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway. The visa permit is only valid for 90 days in any 180 day period.

Since the UK has officially left the European Union, there have been hypothetical strict measures in place. Previously, UK Home Office data revealed that 3,294 travelers from the European Union were denied entry to the UK in the January-March period. This number increased significantly compared to 2020 when only 493 Europeans were allowed to visit the UK.

Moreover, from 1 October, EU nationals will not be allowed to enter the UK by presenting an ID unless they have pre-paid or settled status under the EU settlement scheme. EU Settlement Scheme and Border Work Permit holders are also allowed to enter the UK with an ID card only. For the remaining categories, a passport is required by the British authorities.

The Portuguese Border and Immigration Services (SEF) revealed that Britons’ interest in becoming Portuguese residents has increased significantly in the past few years, with a 34.6 per cent increase in 2019-2020. Furthermore, the UK’s Portuguese Chamber of Commerce reported that 46,238 British citizens were living in Portugal in 2020, the highest number ever recorded for nationals.

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