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Brits Can Now Travel to Several EU Countries Under Facilitated COVID-19 Entry Rules

The decision to reduce the validity of COVID-19 certificates has brought good news to UK citizens looking to visit EU member states.

Travel from the UK to the European Union has been made particularly easy for those who have received a booster dose, as the 27-nation bloc does not impose any entry requirements for such categories, reports.

Those who have completed the initial vaccination cycle – which means receiving one dose or two doses in the last 180 days – can also travel to the European Union, depending on the requirements of the destination country.

Being able to travel to the European Union is very convenient because as of February 9, many member states have raised national entry requirements and restrictions.

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Therefore, the British, who constitute one of the largest tourism markets in Spain, will be able to visit the Iberian country this season if 14 days have passed since the initial course of vaccination or received the booster vaccine, but no more than 270 days have passed since the occurrence of the vaccination, when the vaccination certificate expires after this period.

Stricter rules apply to Brits traveling to France – the number one country for the most visited destination in the world. Only travelers over the age of 18 who have received a booster are allowed to enter French territory, while the rest are obligated to follow the rules that apply to unvaccinated travelers.

More specifically, Britons who have had one, two or no vaccines are required to undergo a ten-day quarantine upon arrival, as well as present the following documents in order to remain in France:

PCR or negative antigen test performed 24 hours prior to arrival for travelers over 12 years of age. The online form is completed prior to arrival, which must contain information such as contact details and temporary address. A completed international travel form confirming the primary purpose of travel. Announcement The form confirms that the holder does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and has not been in close contact with a recently infected person

The Danish government also prefers those with a booster dose as there are no entry requirements for this category. Britons who received a single-shot or two-dose vaccination 14 to 270 days prior to travel are also allowed to enter Denmark. The rest of the travelers are required to take a COVID-19 test on the first day of arrival and quarantine for ten days, with the possibility of ending the time of self-isolation sooner if a COVID-19 test is taken on the fifth day of arrival.

UK citizens can visit Norway, Denmark’s neighboring country, by submitting a full vaccination certificate or a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arrival for those not fully vaccinated.

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