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Brazilian Workers & Students Call on German Authorities to Exempt Them From the Travel Ban

More than 250 Brazilians have all the necessary papers to travel to Germany, but they cannot do so due to the travel ban imposed by the European Union country on travelers from Brazil since the end of January this year, asking the German government to exempt them. from entry ban.

Holders of German long-term work and study visas in Brazil have started a petition called “#BarredFromGermany. Stop the travel ban on Brazilians to issue their visas! #VisaIsNotTourism” on, which has collected a total of 8,028 signatures so far in an effort to get German authorities to exempt them from the ban.

In an email exchange with, the group noted that these students and staff are all willing to respect entry requirements such as testing and quarantine in order to travel to Germany.

“The group confirms that it is prepared to comply with all security protocols and measures they deem necessary, such as negative PCR tests and controlled quarantine (before and after boarding), even if it is in a pre-designated location,” said group representatives. .

The same claim that among the Brazilians who were left unable to travel to Germany due to the travel ban are the holders of long-term visas for the purpose of study/work, such as study visa (higher education and doctoral), work visa, blue card, academic stay visa (scientist), professional course visa (ausbildung), Training visa, Spouse au visa and Voluntary Service visa (BFD/FSJ).

#BarredFromGermany. Stop the travel ban on Brazilians! #VisaIsNotTourism – Jetzt unterschreiben! via change_br

– Niklas Weins 倪凯松 (@niklasweins) June 27, 2021

Brazilian students and workers risk losing scholarships and jobsأماكن

Sharing his story with, a Brazilian who has a contract with a company in Germany explained that the same has been trying to move to Germany since July 2020 but couldn’t do it, only being identified by the German Consulate in Sao Paulo. Visa due in February 2021.

“My contract has already been extended several times, and now my manager has informed me that if I am not in Germany in the middle of August, I will lose my chance because she cannot continue to postpone the contract anymore. So, if I am not in Germany by August, the company will cancel my employment contract.

A Brazilian student who got an exchange opportunity in 2019, with a stipend granted by the University of São Paulo (USP), was also unable to travel to Germany due to the pandemic,

The student notes that USP has set a deadline for the validity of this exchange opportunity to the end of 2021, otherwise the same will have to pay the university in full.

“Unfortunately, I had already bought airline tickets the two times I tried to leave. The first time, I ended up losing the security deposit. I almost attend lessons, and maybe if I can’t enter Germany by the end of July I will have to pay all the money back. This is the last year that I am eligible for the exchange program,” explains the student.

While another student claims that she was in Germany last year, but since she had to return to Brazil due to health issues, she is now unable to return. She also explains that while you attend two online classes for a graduate program, the rest is in person.

“The university has given me a deadline for my arrival, or I will lose my position. They don’t seem to understand the entry restrictions for Brazilians.

Germany banned all travel from Brazil on January 29, 2021, designating the country as a changing region for the virus. Only German citizens and residents are allowed to enter Germany from Brazil, under very strict entry requirements, including a 14-day quarantine obligation.

The group behind the petition claims that since Germany reopened to tourism and restored personal activities, Brazilian universities and staff have asked Brazilian students and staff to go to Germany as soon as possible.

Indian staff and students pledge to German authorities to lift travel ban

At the beginning of this week, reported that hundreds of Indian citizens with a job offer in German companies and students admitted to German universities had urged the German Foreign Ministry to exempt them from the state’s travel ban. Place.

The travel ban on arrivals from India became effective on April 26, 2021, and was due to remain in effect until July 28, 2021.

After international pressure, Germany removed India and four other countries – Portugal, Russia, Nepal and the United Kingdom – from the list of changing regions for the virus. All five of these countries are now considered countries with high-infection regions, and travelers from the countries they belong to face fewer entry restrictions than those in the changing region list for viruses.

The latter list currently includes Botswana, Brazil, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uruguay.

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