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Berlin Welcomed 5.1 Million Visitors in 2021

A total of 5.1 million international visitors were registered with nearly 14 million overnights in accommodation facilities in Berlin over the past year.

These figures are provided by Statistical Office Berlin-Brandenburg reports

The figures show that there was an overall increase of 13.7 percent in overnight stays in 2021, compared to the figures for 2020. With this, the number of overnight stays reached the level of 2003.

However, the numbers are still below the pre-pandemic levels recorded in 2019, or a decline of 59.1 percent.

In addition, the same source explains that the number of domestic visitors increased by 5.2 percent to 3.8 million compared to the 2020 figures, as during the year a large number of travel restrictions and other bans were imposed in an attempt to stop the spread of the Corona virus. and its new breeds.

Besides, overnight stays rose 15.7 percent over the same period to 9.9 million.

Figures from the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistical Office revealed that the number of visitors from abroad fell 0.7 percent to 1.3 million. On the other hand, the number of overnight stays saw an increase of 9.1 percent to 4.1 million.

According to statistics provided by the same source, Berlin-Mitte was the most popular destination.

“Berlin-Mitte is the most popular area to stay in years. With an increase of 152 thousand guests and an increase of 947,000 overnights compared to 2020, Mitte has recovered more successfully, at least in absolute numbers.”

At the same time, the report shows that Lichtenberg recorded the highest increase in terms of the number of guests and overnight stays.

The following regions recorded a decrease in the number of visitors:

Reinickendorf (down 25.3 percent) Neukölln (down 15.3%) Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf (down 1.9 percent)

For overnight stays, Neukölln (a decrease of 2.7 percent) and Trepto Köpenick (a decrease of 2.0 percent) received fewer guests than the numbers presented in 2020. The report highlights that the level for 2019 was unmatched in all regions.

“At the end of December 2021, 697 tourist accommodation facilities were opened with at least ten families and seven holiday camping sites. The average household occupancy over the year was 30.6 percent. In the same period the previous year, it was 26.8 percent and in In 2019, 62.7 percent, double what it was in 2021, the statement said.

Figures provided by Statistics Berlin-Brandenburg showed that more than 3.9 million passengers were registered at Berlin-Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport in the last quarter of last year.

The number of passengers is expected to increase after German authorities plan to ease restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the virus during and after the Easter holiday.

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