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Belgium’s Redesigned Passport to Feature Famous Cartoon Characters

From February 7, Belgium will redesign its current passport to include popular cartoon characters.

Authorities revealed that the new passport will include photographs of Gothic and Baroque buildings as well as photographs of a young adventurer named Tin Tan. Tintin’s photo appears on the sixth page of the passport and can be seen in scans.

In addition to Tintin, the redesigned passport will also contain his own Moon Rocket and Captain Haddock’s Molinsart Palace. Other popular cartoon characters, including Smurfs and Cowboy Lucky Luke, will also appear on the new passport, reports.

“Introducing this new passport is also an opportunity for us to highlight the ninth art, the comic strip, which is such a staple of our culture and influence abroad. Welcoming the new update, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès said, “I would like to thank the publishers and authors.” and rights holders who have agreed to participate in the project.

Apart from the animated characters, the Belgian authorities have highlighted that through new security and personalization techniques, passport security has been enhanced.

“Thanks to new security and personalization technologies, the security of the Belgian passport has been enhanced. It has been developed in close cooperation with anti-fraud specialists in the Federal Police and will be manufactured by the consortium of Zetes and Thales companies,” states the statement on Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of Belgium.

The same thing revealed that the price of a new passport would not rise. Adults will have to pay 65 euros for a newly updated passport, while minors will have to pay 35 euros.

It was clarified that this is the price of a regular 34-page passport, excluding municipal taxes. Each municipality has the right to set the price on its own.

The quality and security of the passport have been enhanced, but the price charged by the State Department will not go up. In the context of general price increases, this is a strong gesture that will be cost-effective for our citizens.”

As for the period of validity, the authorities indicated that the updated passport will remain valid for seven years for adults and five years for minors. Every citizen will have the possibility to hand over his passport to his place of residence.

The passport currently issued by Belgium allows its holders to travel to a total of 149 countries, 110 of which are visa-free.

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