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Belgium Warns Time Difference on Its COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate for Travel

Residents of Belgium who are tested in order to travel with an EU COVID-19 digital certificate have been warned to consider a two-hour difference between the test time and the clock displayed in the app.

The University Hospital of Ghent (UZ Gent) has warned that with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, tourists are allowed to travel within the European Union for a short period, but the hour indicated on the Belgium certificate differs from the time when the coronavirus is being tested. It was taken, reports.

Karlien Wouters of UZ Gent stressed that in the European test document, the time people took the test is converted to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is two hours earlier than the time in Belgium.

“For example, if you take your test at 9:00 AM, it will show up at 7:00 AM on your European Test Certificate. But if your test is only valid for 48 hours, a two-hour difference can quickly cause problems or stress, Waters explained.

She emphasized that UZ Gent had received numerous calls from citizens who did not understand why the time in their testimony did not coincide with the time they were here.

“This is important for people who are short on time and only have 48 hours. The difference of two hours may make the test invalid at the time they have to show the certificate.”

According to Waters, such a problem also exists in other countries such as France and the Netherlands. However, the center warns travelers to take the time difference into account when making an appointment, in the hope that the document will be amended or there will be a clear explanation in this regard soon.

“It gets very complicated, with all those different rules for how far the test is going in different countries. When this is added to all that, how do people keep calculating when they have to take their test?” Carlene Waters noted.

Earlier this month, the Belgian government launched a European digital COVID-19 certificate so vaccinated travelers can move freely without being subject to restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus.

The authorities in the Western European country earlier revealed their plans to launch such a certificate on July 1, as planned by the Council of the European Union; However, the government decided to activate the certification about a month before the deadline.

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