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Belgium to Impose New Requirements on PLF From Monday

All people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, as well as those who have recovered from the disease, must prove they hold the correct certificates through a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) upon return to Belgium, from Monday 11 October. .

Such a decision was confirmed by the chair of the inter-federation testing and tracing committee, Karen Moikins, and reports.

So far, travelers returning to Belgium after a flight are being urged to show whether they have been vaccinated or a COVID-19 certificate to recover, the Brussels Times reports, after which the document is checked during a border check.

According to Moykins, this process can be completed in two main ways;

Travelers can add a screenshot or PDF version of the QR code to the form and can choose to enter the document code themselves

According to her, travelers who have not been vaccinated against the virus, as well as those who have not recovered from COVID-19, are obligated to get tested for COVID-19; However, data from a negative coronavirus test result does not need to be entered because the government has such information immediately.

In addition, starting from October 18, he will also be allowed to complete the PLF in the CovidSafeBE application, while in such a case the document is automatically uploaded.

In August, reported that since CovidSafeBE became effective in Belgium, on June 16, more than 11 million documents had been downloaded. These numbers have been provided by Digital Flanders and CovidSafeBE.

The EU Digital COVID Passport was introduced on 1 July to facilitate travel amid the ongoing pandemic for all people who have been fully immunized with any of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Moikins also stressed that since the beginning of this month, the online action plan can only be completed digitally with the assurance that it can be done 180 days before arrival in the Western European country for all people who are staying abroad for a long time.

Moykens noted that “this gives everyone enough time to fill out the document, even if they don’t have a computer or smartphone.”

In addition, she said, people who are unable to fill out the form themselves can seek help from their travel organization or the municipality.

Moykens states that travelers who hold a recovery or vaccination document but still have coronavirus will get a red screen when scanning a QR code.

So they are temporarily not allowed to attend events and must respect the quarantine. This modification makes it possible to keep events safe,” Moykens stressed.

Previously, authorities in Belgium warned citizens to beware of fake websites offering to complete Passenger Locator Locator Forms (PLF) on behalf of FPS Public Health in exchange for money.

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