Belgium Removes Vaccination Requirement for Third Country Travellers Under 18

On Tuesday, September 28, the Belgian authorities announced that travelers under the age of 18 arriving in Belgium from a country outside the European Union or the Schengen area will now be allowed to enter regardless of their vaccination status.

However, it has been emphasized that all travelers who fall under this group must be accompanied by another person with a valid vaccination certificate in order to be allowed to enter Belgium without having to provide proof of vaccination, reports.

“Since the age of vaccination varies from country to country, it is now expressly stipulated that persons up to the age of 17, without a certificate of vaccination, can travel with a companion holding a certificate of vaccination,” the ministerial decision from Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden reads.

Although travelers under the age of 18 are exempted from the requirement to obtain a certificate of vaccination, the decree highlighted that minors over the age of 12 are still required to obtain a negative test result or a refund certificate.

The decree noted that “starting from the age of 12, these minors must have a test or redemption certificate.”

On the other hand, and in line with the data contained in the press release issued by the Minister of Interior, children under the age of twelve do not need to present any of the above-mentioned documents.

Although several changes are mentioned in the decree, third-country nationals will continue to be allowed entry into Belgium as long as they meet all entry requirements and present a certificate of vaccination.

In addition, it was noted that from Friday, October 1, it will not be possible to submit a paper format of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), which means that travelers will be required to complete the form electronically. However, it will still be possible to print the QR code received after filling out the form.

“A certain number of framework measures, such as, for example, passenger assistance will be provided by the carrier to complete an electronic PLF and/or print a QR code, as well as a 14-day transition period,” the decree highlighted, in relation to the PLF rules.

Aside from all of the above rules, starting October 1, all people over the age of 12 will be required to wear a mask when attending certain closed areas and mass transit.

Previously, 14 Belgian organizations urged the country’s authorities to carry out rapid antigen tests in order to facilitate the travel process.

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