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Belgium Facilitates Entry Rules for Fully Vaccinated Britons

The authorities have announced that the dual-test requirement will stop applications for fully vaccinated UK nationals traveling to Belgium, from Friday, November 26.

According to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), vaccinated people from the UK can now enter Belgium by submitting one of the following documents:

PCR test performed 72 hours prior to arrival or an antigen test (RAT) performed 24 hours prior to departure or on the day of arrival

This means that fully vaccinated Britons, whose vaccines have been recognized by Belgian health authorities, will no longer have to be tested for COVID-19 on the first, second or seventh day of their arrival, reports.

“If you choose to take the RAT test, you should have your results within about 20 minutes. They can be taken from various local pharmacies.”

Arrivals must also complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF), including those who have been in the country for less than 48 hours.

Moreover, for unvaccinated Britons arriving on the territory of Belgium, the entry rules remain the same, as the following list shows:

The traveler must provide documentation proving that the reason for travel is necessary (basic travel certificate) Complete the PLF prior to arrival Take a pre-arrival PCR or RAT test one day before departure or on the day of arrival Self-isolate for ten days PCR or RAT test on the first day And the seventh of quarantine

The result of the test taken on the seventh day can determine whether the quarantine can be ended earlier.

Compared to many EU countries, Belgium still applies a color-coding system, according to which entry rules apply to visitors depending on the recently recorded positive cases of COVID-19 in the country of departure. At the moment, the United Kingdom has been designated a red zone of arrival for Belgium, which is an epidemiologically high risk country.

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Moreover, since October 4, when the British government abolished the color-coded travel system, more moderate entry rules apply to travelers from Belgium, where the country is not a high-risk area. In other words, unvaccinated arrivals from Belgium must follow the following rules:

Get a COVID-19 test 72 hours before arriving in the UK. BOOK, PAY AND FEE 2 PCR TESTS (Days 2nd and 8th of arrival) Complete the PLF Test 48 hours before arrival

On the other hand, fully vaccinated travelers from Belgium are required to book, pay and take a PCR or antigen test within 48 hours of arrival, as well as a PLF, which must be completed 48 hours before arriving in the UK.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the incidence rates of COVID-19 cases in Belgium and the United Kingdom are relatively high, with the latter reporting 289,557 positive cases and 1,027 deaths related to COVID-19. In addition, Belgium reported 86,397 positive cases and 215 deaths in the same period, bringing the death toll to 26,669.

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