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Belgium Ends Testing Requirements for Several Countries

The country’s authorities have announced, that travelers who provide a full vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative test result will be allowed to enter Belgium exempt from additional testing requirements.

The measure was approved at yesterday’s Health Ministerial Conference, during which a new travel regulation was introduced, reports.

As of today, February 18, both international residents and entrants who present one of the above certifications are no longer required to take the test on the first or seventh day, as they previously did. In addition, the quarantine requirements have expired.

Furthermore, Belgian residents who cannot provide a certificate of vaccination, cure or testing and who come from countries that are not epidemiologically safe must take a rapid antigen test or a PCR test within 24 hours of arrival. This rule applies to dark red EU countries and third countries outside the EU whitelist.

However, the requirement to undergo testing and quarantine on arrival remains in effect for travelers arriving from various regions of interest.

In addition, the Belgian government has introduced a requirement for an additional booster dose after the Janssen vaccine, taking into account measures across the 27-nation bloc. More specifically, the full Janssen vaccination course is considered after the traveler has received the first dose and booster dose of the Janssen vaccine.

The booster shot will make the traveler or resident eligible for an EU COVID-19 digital certificate and entry to leisure facilities. Furthermore, all people who want to continue their Janssen dose can do so three months after receiving their first shot.

Unlike Belgium, its neighboring countries, France and Germany, accept Janssen’s vaccination if it is followed by two mRNA vaccines – one to complete the basic schedule and the other as a booster.

Previously, Belgium announced that it would streamline entry rules according to travelers’ vaccination status rather than their country of origin.

“The color code of the country of origin is no longer taken into account for incoming travelers. People who do not have their main place of residence in Belgium and who are traveling to our country from EU / Schengen countries or third countries, from now on must obtain a vaccination, test or recovery certificate Valid”, the Belgian official authority for information on the case of COVID-19 wrote.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that the number of positive cases registered in Belgium is 3,473,015, of which 60,816 were reported in the past seven days. On the other hand, death rates have fallen in the last week, from 64 to 7 – which represents a total of 264 in the past week and a total of 29,832 since the pandemic began.

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