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Belgians Desire to Visit Other Countries Marks Notable Increase, Despite Current Situation

The desire of Belgians to visit other countries has not been severely affected by the current financial crisis triggered by the coronavirus as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine after the recent report published by the Association of Belgian Travel Regulators (ABTO) showed that the average going budget has increased by 12 percent since 2019.

Figures provided by the Brussels Times show that the average budget has risen from €1,006 per capita in 2019 to a total of €1,132 per capita this year, reports.

Besides, it has also been reported that even people who have not yet booked their flight still confirm that they are willing to spend more than 18 percent on their vacation compared to the numbers before the spread of the Corona virus and its new variants.

In this regard, a spokesperson for the tour operator Neckermann told La Dernière Heure that such figures show that the citizens of Belgium absolutely do not want to cut their holiday budget.

“Numbers and comments from 40 Neckermann travel shops show that after two years of Covid restrictions, vacationers want to travel at all costs, preferably to comfortable 4-star hotels with an all-inclusive package or to luxury holiday parks and campgrounds with a private car. , referring to the spokesperson in this regard.

The Belgian authorities believe that this year the situation will indicate a return to normalcy, especially in the most popular destinations.

“Neckermann currently sees little change in the behavior of Belgians while on holiday after the Covid-19 crisis. Once again classic and popular holiday destinations are booked in droves: Spain, Turkey and Greece are the most popular holiday countries by air,” the Brussels Times reported.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Belgium has reported a total of 4,187,940 cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, while a total of 31,856 people have died during the same period.

Additionally, figures provided by the World Health Organization show that as of June 5, a total of 25,357,830 doses of vaccine have been administered in the country.

Following the example of other European countries, the authorities in Brussels previously announced that they had decided to cancel the majority of restrictions imposed to contain the further spread of the Corona virus and its new strains.

The Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Public Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment previously announced that from May, many restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus situation will be eased.

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