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Austria to Accept Test Certificates as Valid Proof for Entry

Austrian authorities have announced that the country plans to relax entry rules.

According to the latest update made by Austria’s official travel portal, starting February 22, the country plans to allow entry to people with a valid test certificate, reports.

The Austrian Travel Portal’s statement reads: “To enter Austria, ‘3-G’ will be introduced – most likely – from February 22nd.”

Austria currently only allows entry to people with a valid vaccination or refund certificate. However, if the new rule goes into effect, people who submit a negative test result will also be able to enter Austria without having to go through additional entry rules.

Authorities have not yet provided more detailed information regarding entry for those who only tested negative.

Apart from announcing potential changes to entry rules, the Austrian authorities have revealed that from tomorrow, February 19, COVID-19 restrictions will be eased for all travelers and citizens of the country who wish to access restaurants, hotels and ski lifts in all of Austria, with the exception of Vienna .

From February 19, ‘2-G’ will be replaced by ‘3-G’ (vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested) in restaurants/hotels/ski lifts in all Austrian provinces except Vienna where ‘2-G’ remains. , noted the authorities.

This means that from tomorrow, those who have not been cured or vaccinated will be able to attend the above places by submitting a negative COVID-19 test result. Vaccination and recovery certificates will not be mandatory as long as the test result is submitted.

While some measures will be eased tomorrow, others will be eased in March. The authorities revealed that all remaining precautionary measures for COVID-19 will be lifted on March 5.

However, it has been clarified that the requirement to wear a face mask will remain mandatory when accessing public transport and essential stores, such as pharmacies and supermarkets, among others.

The authorities added that “on March 5, all Covid protection measures will be lifted except for the mandatory FFP2 masks in public transport and in essential stores.”

Previously, Austria shortened the validity of vaccination certificates. Since February 1, Austria only recognizes certificates of vaccination indicating that the holder has been fully vaccinated against the virus within the last 270 days of entry.

On the other hand, only vaccination cards issued within the last 180 days while in Austria, when attending various public places and places, are recognized.

“Double-dose vaccinations are valid for 270 days to enter Austria. However, to prove your ‘2-G’ status during your stay in Austria, the validity of the second shot has been reduced to 180 days on 1 February,” the authorities explained.

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