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Austria, Slovenia & V4 Countries Intend to Establish Standard COVID-19 Entry Rules & Fight Possible Migration Crisis

Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, also known as the Visegrad Group or V4, as well as Austria and Slovenia have discussed the Afghan migration flow that has been discovered in recent months in their lands.

At a conference hosted by Hungary on October 5, country representatives agreed that it was necessary to help Afghanistan’s neighboring countries house Afghans until their safety situation stabilized, according to

Minister Roman Miculic stated that Slovakia is ready to help countries affected by the migration wave to prevent the 2005 migration crisis from happening again. According to him, the group Visegrad, Slovenia and Austria should agree to add people and equipment at the external borders. Otherwise, migrants will continue to head west.

“With regard to the return of migrants who do not have the right to asylum, it is necessary to cooperate with transit countries so that they are ready to take back these people at least until Afghanistan obtains the status of a safe country,” Mikulik said.

In accordance with the entry rules related to the Coronavirus, all countries agreed to follow the recommendations of the Council of the European Union to impose unnecessary travel restrictions on the European Union and discussed the adoption of standard entry regulations in order to prevent third-country nationals from choosing the country with the lowest epidemic rates. Transit measures, as indicated by Minister Mikulik.

Like his Slovak counterpart, Sandor Pinter, Hungarian Interior Minister, he agreed on the need to protect the EU’s external borders.

“Until now, no one knows the size of the next wave of migration to Europe or how to implement border protection commitments while meeting asylum expectations,” Pinter added.

Earlier, the European Union’s Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, revealed that the number of illegal border-crossers has increased by 64 percent this year, reaching about 103,630 cases detected. Moreover, the largest number of illegal passages for August was observed on the border of Lithuania with Belarus, where 4,116 were observed out of a total of 5,300.

However, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) received around 50,000 asylum applications during the month of July, which is a significant increase in the number from the previous month. The top nationalities for asylum in the EU are Syrians, Afghans, Turks, Pakistanis and Iraqis.

The number of Afghans who applied for international protection during July increased by 21% and the number of applications reached 7,300. This number has been rising for five consecutive months, validating the concerns of the European Union member states about the migration crisis.

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