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Austria Removes UK, the Netherlands, Denmark & Norway From List of Virus Variant Countries

The Austrian authorities have decided to cancel the list of changed countries for viruses, for travelers from which special restrictions have been applied more stringent than so far.

Thus, from Monday January 24, 2022, travelers from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, the countries currently classified as altered countries for the virus, will be subject to concessional entry rules when traveling to Austria.

Austria first added these four countries to its list of changing regions for viruses on December 25, 2021, and since then, only those who received a booster shot were eligible to enter the country and who could submit negative PCR COVID-19 test results captured within the 72 hours. past, reports.

Meanwhile, eligible travelers had to go into a ten-day quarantine upon arrival in the country.

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With the new rules, from next Monday, travelers from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway will be eligible to enter if they meet one of the following phrases:

They received a booster dose of COVID-19, had two stabs and gave negative results for a PCR test that was done within 72 hours before they arrived in Austria. who have recently had COVID-19 and submit negative results for a PCR test that was taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Austria

Children under the age of 12 are currently exempt from the entry rules.

The decision comes at a time when the majority of EU countries and the Schengen area are easing entry restrictions, despite the increasing infection rates of Omicron.

For example, Switzerland ended the requirement for pre-departure testing for travelers who have been vaccinated against COVID or have recovered from the virus in the last 270 days. At the same time, Sweden has also canceled the pre-test obligation.

On the other hand, from January 31, Finland will abolish internal border controls after concluding that travel did not play an important role in the development of the epidemic in Finland.

Whereas from February 1, those traveling to Austria with a certificate of vaccination should be aware that their vaccination will not be valid if 270 days have passed since the last shot was taken. A booster potion will be required in order to retain the validity of the certificate.

“From February 1, 2022, the two-dose vaccinations are only valid for 180 days when you are in Austria. However, for ENTERING, 270 days remain valid. The booster vaccination is valid for 270 days in both scenarios,” the Austrian National Tourist Office explains.

For those who have been vaccinated and recover, the first dose is valid for 270 days.

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