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Austria Now Accepts COVID-19 Tests as Valid Proof for Entry

Travelers can now enter Austria under the concessional rules as the country now accepts COVID-19 tests as valid proof of entry.

Updating the entry rules, the Austrian authorities announced that from today, February 22, the country will implement the “3-G-Rule”.

This means that travelers are allowed to enter Austria as long as they hold a valid certificate indicating that the holder has been vaccinated, tested or recovered from the virus, reports.

It has been clarified that travelers can prove their case using the NHS Covid app or the EU COVID-19 certificate. Hard copies are also accepted.

“To prove your ‘3-G’ status, you can use the NHS Covid app or the EU Covid Pass. Hard copies and medical certificates of vaccination or recovery are also accepted,” the Austrian official travel portal said in a statement.

However, everyone still needs to make sure they follow the validity that currently applies to vaccination, recovery and testing certificates.

According to Austria’s official travel portal, the latter accepts both PCR and rapid entry antigen tests. The PCR test must be performed within 72 hours, and the rapid antigen test must be performed within 24 hours to be accepted on admission.

In addition, Austria imposed a validity period on vaccination cards earlier this month. In line with the rules in place in the country, the vaccination permit must prove that the holder has received the last dose of the vaccine within the last 270 days (nine months) in order to be considered fully immunized.

On the other hand, travelers who completed the basic vaccination more than 270 days ago need to have a booster injection for their cards to remain valid.

For those who plan to present a certificate of refund upon arrival in Austria, the latter’s authorities have made it clear that this type of certificate is valid for 180 days for entry into Austria.

It has been noted that when traveling from the UK an email/text message from the NHS for a positive test is not enough to prove cure of the virus.

In turn, the authorities emphasized that strict entry rules apply to those who cannot meet the 3-G-Rule rule.

Travelers who do not have a valid test, vaccination or recovery certificate must self-isolate upon entering Austria.

“If you travel to Austria without evidence of vaccination/cure or a negative test result, you should immediately self-isolate. The authorities note that once you have a negative test, you can leave the quarantine.

This means that those without any evidence need prior authorization to travel.

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