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Asylum Seekers Flooded EU Member States in March, With Ukrainians Being the Main Group of Applicants

Eurostat revealed that the number of asylum seekers in European countries increased by 115 percent in March, with 73,50 asylum applications submitted for the first time this month alone.

According to a report published by the European Bureau of Statistics, the number of asylum seekers increased by 35 percent compared to February 2022, when 54,565 applications were submitted. Comparing the data on an annual basis, the number shows an increase of 115 percent, from 34,310 to 73,850, reports.

The more than a quarter (35 per cent) increase in the number of asylum seekers registered in the February-March period can be attributed to the increase in the number of first-time Ukrainian applications, mainly related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More specifically, the number of first-time applicants increased from 2,370 in February of 2022 to 12,875 the following month, marking a 443 percent rise.

In addition, the number of subsequent applications, referring to those who re-applied for international protection after receiving a decision on their previous application, also rose in March, reaching 6,510 – up four percent from the corresponding period last year, and another six. per cent by February 2022.

The largest number of Ukrainians receiving international protection in the EU were those registered in Poland, where more than 1.1 million Ukrainians had been granted asylum by the end of May.

Ukrainians were the largest group of asylum seekers, with 12,875 asylum seekers registered for the first time, followed by Afghans (7,770), Syrians (7320), Venezuelans (4705) and Colombians (3565).

However, Germany registered the largest number of first-time applicants for March – 14,135 of these, which represents 19 percent of all applications submitted.

Other countries in the European Union with the highest rates of first-time asylum seekers, representing more than two-thirds or 68 percent of the total, include:

Spain (11,130 first-time applications representing 15 percent of the total) France (10,240, 14 percent) Italy (6,035, eight percent) Austria (4,295, six percent) Romania (4,270, six percent)

Moreover, the data also shows that the number of asylum seekers registered for the first time in March was the third-highest number recorded in the past eight years, with 73,850 applications submitted across the 27-country bloc.

The second largest number of asylum seekers was registered in the summer of 2016, when more than 125,000 applications were submitted. However, the largest number of TPS applicants was evident in October of 2015, with 162,020 students registered in the block.

A total of 2,570 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum for the first time in March, marking a 98% increase compared to March 2021, when 1,300 applications were registered. The numbers are up 16% from February, rising from 2,215 to 2,570.

The main countries of origin for unaccompanied minors were Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, with 1,230, 325 and 115 applicants, respectively. Austria (590), Germany (435) and Bulgaria (275) were the three member states that received the largest number of asylum seekers in March.

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