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Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Decides to Limit Number of Passengers This Summer

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has decided to limit the number of passengers that can depart from the airport per day in an effort to tackle long queues and the recent problem of people missing their flights.

Through a statement issued on June 7, Schiphol Airport reported that the influx of people wishing to travel this summer is very large, as a result of which the airport authorities were left with no other choice but to make such a decision.

At the same time, the airport authorities stressed that the job market is too tight and they have too few security personnel to control all the passengers who may want to travel this year through this airport, reports.

According to the airport authorities, the decision has been in effect since July 7 and will remain in effect until July 31, while at the end of June it will be decided whether it should be extended or not.

“If a fewer passenger travelers can fly on any specific day, the independent flight coordinator (ACNL) will determine the distribution, and airlines will decide how to deal with that. Chevol Airport indicated in this regard that they will do everything they can to reduce the consequences of travelers to minimum.

ACNL will book as many passengers as possible, reschedule flights to other airports, and stop selling seats. However, some flights still had to be canceled anyway.

The statement also stressed that it is not yet known how many flights will be affected by this measure, adding that in the weeks of July, there are an average of 13,500 seats per day, which is too many for existing security personnel to deal with.

“The airline or tour operator you have booked. Schiphol would like to stress that they are currently busy finding a solution for the days when you have fewer travelers to travel. We understand that you want to know as soon as possible and that waiting is difficult,” explains the airport.

Very quickly, the airlines will be informed by ACNL on any days there are many passengers. In addition, if there are changes to reservations, all passengers will be notified immediately.

Schiphol has already taken some measures to ensure a better balance between the number of passengers and security officers and to reduce congestion at the station.

Furthermore, Schiphol and security companies are doing their best to retain staff, recruit and train new staff.

All efforts are supported by recent salary adjustments by Schiphol, including the summer supplement. Schiphol is working hard to upgrade passengers at the station.

In early February, nearly 260 flights were canceled at Schiphol Airport due to Typhoon Corey, which severely affected many passenger railways in the Netherlands. Local media reported that 46 departures are delayed, while 91 flights are also facing delays.

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