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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Cancelled About 260 Flights Due to Storm Corrie

Nearly 260 flights were canceled at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport as a result of Storm Cory, which also severely affected a large number of passenger railways in the Netherlands.

According to local media, 46 delayed departures were recorded, while 91 flights also experienced delays, reports.

Incoming flights were met with runway capacity issues raised by the weather starting at 8:40, Eurocontrol reported.

“This means that fewer aircraft can land and take off on the runways, respectively,” Schiphol Airport noted.

According to the airport authorities, ground crews may encounter difficulties due to the weather. In addition, the airport invited passengers to check the website for detailed information.

Besides Schiphol Airport, other airports in the Netherlands have had difficulties; However, they were not as important as those discovered in Schiphol.

The Netherlands Times revealed that two outgoing flights in Rotterdam at The Hague Airport have been cancelled. Besides, another departure was postponed.

Due to strong gusty winds and other difficulties brought about by Storm Cory, Nederlandse Spoorwegen announced that it has reduced the number of trains and flights from Den Helder to Zaandam.

According to the trains, many train lines have been delayed, while many have been cancelled.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the national airline of the Netherlands, has canceled many incoming and outgoing flights from Schiphol.

Besides the Netherlands, the storm also affected other regions. Authorities in Scotland announced that more than 80,000 homes were lost as a result of Storm Malik, before Storm Corey affected another 38,000 homes, the BBC reported.

In addition, travel has also been suspended in the areas most affected by the two storms.

As a result, ScotRail has also temporarily suspended its services overnight to implement safety controls. However, according to Operations Director, Davis Simpson, most of the middle and western belt routes are performing well.

“The two exceptions are the line from East Kilbride to Glasgow and Ayr all the way to Stranraer where we are still doing safety inspections,” Simpson noted.

However, Deputy First Minister John Sweeney said there was an “improving situation” in Scotland after the “two serious storms” over the weekend.

“We have to explore – and energy companies in particular should – how we can build more resilience in the grid,” he noted.

The storm that caused great difficulties was named after Corey Van Dyck, KNMI’s first female meteorologist, in 1964.

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