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All EU/Schengen Area Countries Continue to Be Part of Czechia’s Dark Red List

In line with data provided by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the authorities of the Czech Republic have announced that all EU and Schengen countries, with the exception of the Vatican State, will remain part of a dark red list.

According to the latest update published by the Czech Ministry of Health, all travelers from the EU/Schengen area will be required to submit a COVID-19 pre-test for another week, reports.

The pre-test requirement applies to everyone, including fully vaccinated and recovered travelers.

However, the ministry clarified that EU travelers arriving in the Czech Republic from a country listed in dark red are not required to present a test result upon entry if they have already received a booster dose.

The statement of the Ministry of Health reads: “Only foreigners who have been vaccinated with a booster dose have an exception if they were vaccinated in a country whose certificate the Czech Republic recognizes.”

Children under the age of 12 are also exempt from the pre-entry test requirements regardless of their country of origin.

In contrast, stricter rules apply to non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers from the EU/Schengen area. Except for having to submit a pre-entry test, non-exempt and non-vaccinated EU travelers must also undergo another test while in the Czech Republic.

The second test should be done after the fifth day of arrival.

The ministry added: “Unvaccinated people or people who have not been infected with the COVID-19 virus must subsequently undergo a RT-PCR test between the fifth and seventh day after entering the territory of the Czech Republic.”

In addition to the above measures, all persons planning to travel to the Czech Republic must fill out an arrival form. The requirement to complete the form applies to all arriving passengers, without exception.

Although the Czech Republic plans to maintain entry rules for travelers from severely affected areas, the authorities have announced that the country will now implement less stringent local rules.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that his country will drop the requirement to present a certificate of vaccination or recovery upon arrival at various places in the country, including restaurants, bars and other places.

This means that all travelers, as well as Czech citizens, will be able to reach the majority of places without being subject to restrictions.

In addition, the Czechs also plan to lift the remaining restrictions by the second half of February.

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