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Airlines Increase Number of Seats on Flights to Greece

Being among the first countries to take the risk by reopening its doors to international tourists, it worked for Greece as it became a year-round tourist destination, considering the expansion of travel and tourism markets.

In other words, the decision to reopen tourism early on led to the success of Greece as it was hailed as Europe’s “tourism champion” in 2021 by international travel and tourism organizations.

Furthermore, with British travelers making up the main market for Greece at the moment, airlines have offered to expand capacity by adding an additional 500,000 seats for flights from the UK and Greece, depending on the airlines’ schedules. Moreover, Britain’s low-cost airline, Jet2, revealed that an additional 1 million airlines are waiting for passengers traveling between the UK and Greece, compared to 2019 when the number of seats was clearly limited as reports.

As previously reported by, after the World Travel Market (WTM) selected Greece as the number one destination in Europe for 2021, and its other Jet2CityBreaks brand will begin operating flights and city breaks to Athens for the first time. In April 2022, from Birmingham, Manchester and Stansted airports. Moreover, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and the Minister of Tourism are constantly working to establish contact by starting a partnership with low-cost airline Ryanair.

Moreover, Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilia previously said that airlines from the UK, France, Germany and the US are discussing increasing the number of seats available on flights between the parties involved from 30 to 50 percent of capacity.

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The same minister previously revealed several plans as part of reviving the country’s travel and tourism industry, which includes sustainability. According to Kikilikas, the country is set to become among the most sustainable destinations worldwide, with a heavy emphasis on Santorini, which could become a global model for sustainable tourism.

“Furthermore, the fact that this is a popular destination can and should serve as a milestone in our strategic decision to make Greece a model for sustainable tourism development worldwide,” Minister Kikilias previously stated.

Besides sustainability, Greece will become a year-round destination, which means travelers from all over the world can celebrate their holidays there, the minister recently commented.

According to official data from October 1 to 17, there were 163,997 visitors registered in Greece, which is an increase of 203.6 percent over the previous year.

Tourism in Greece has been successful throughout 2021, reaching 75 percent of pre-pandemic levels, when there were no entry restrictions, travel bans or concerns about COVID-19.

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