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Airbnb Projects New Harmonised EU Rules for Hosts Within the Bloc

Airbnb has revealed that the company has proposed and is committed to supporting the EU authorities as it sets new harmonized rules within the EU primarily aimed at cracking down on property speculators while at the same time making it easier for Europeans to welcome guests to their places. Role.

“Airbnb supports regulation, and we welcome the EU’s advice on the short-term rental initiative as recognition of the vital role that hosts and homeshare play in Europe’s economy,” an Airbnb statement read.

According to an Airbnb press release yesterday, December 13, if new rules are put in place within the bloc, millions of Europeans will be able to unleash the benefits of hosting while tackling challenges related to real estate speculators and over-tourism.

The company outlined the vision for how EU member states and Airbnb could work together to support EU hosts, and suggested that responsible authorities create a new EU-wide host registry.

By creating such a service, Airbnb is proposing that hosts across the European Union have access to fair and proportionate rules in addition to preserving their right to provide services as a fundamental freedom, reports.

“Airbnb will support this process by ensuring that only hosts with an EU registration number are allowed to post listings on the platform,” the company explained.

In addition, the same suggested that they clarify local rules and provide guarantees to hosts by introducing an EU policy approach that allows local governments to take measures to curb property speculators.

Under this rule, it has been suggested that local licenses are allowed to override the EU host registry provided the local rules are proportionate and reasonable and are notified to the Commission.

Furthermore, Airbnb has committed to expanding Access to City Gate, which provides insights into Airbnb’s presence in neighborhoods and better access when needed, in order to support enforcement actions for local authorities and empower hosts every day.

Excluding all of the above proposals, Airbnb has also committed to continuing to work with EU policy makers to share host activity data at the EU level.

The latter added: “As EU officials continue to work on a coordinated approach to collecting income tax via DAC7, we see our support for this work as a way that communities can help preserve the economy generated by Airbnb travel for themselves.”

Finally, Airbnb said it will continue to work with governments and other EU authorities to support local communities. They plan to expand their neighborhood support lines to handle noise and any other kind of disturbance.

Previously, reported that Airbnb collected and transferred more than €315 million in tourism taxes across the European Union. Now, the company wants to work with more EU countries to automate the collection and remittance of travelers’ taxes.

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