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Air Traffic in Greece Increased by 110.5% This Year – Still 49.3% Down Compared to 2019

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) revealed that Greek air traffic has improved a lot this year, especially in the past three months compared to the corresponding season last year.

According to the CAA, passenger traffic at Greek airports has increased by 98.5 percent this year compared to 2020. Moreover, the number of arrivals has jumped since January by 110.5 percent, reports.

This means that 27 million passengers were registered, 6,335,953 arrivals were reported compared to the passenger traffic in September 2020, which was 3,192,570 passengers.

However, compared to 2019, when no restrictions were imposed on passengers, air traffic in the January-September period decreased by 49.3 percent.

Moreover, comparing September 2021 data with the same month in 2019, the arrival of foreign passengers this year shows a decrease of 26.9 percent when there were 3,217,115 international passengers. In total, passenger traffic at Greek airports decreased by 25.7 percent when arrival rates reached 8,523,771 passengers.

The data also reveals that the total number of passengers handled amounted to 27,063,506 million passengers, an increase of 62.3% compared to 2020 when 16677709 million passengers were handled.

And 293,416 flights were operated, including 122,496 domestic flights and 170,920 international flights, an increase of 42.3% compared to the same period in 2020, when 206,234 flights were operated.

However, compared to 2019 data, when 433,320 workers were employed, this year there is a 32.3 percent decrease in aircraft and passenger traffic, which in 2019 was set at 53418973, while rates are now down by 49.3. percent.

Compared to August, September data shows an increase of 30.5 percent, which represents an additional 6,335,953 passengers. In August, Greek Airlines saw a total of 20,727.553 passengers.

Moreover, the number of flights changed significantly, with 235,570 flights operated in August, while the number rose in September to 293,416 flights, which represents another increase in the data of 24.5 percent.

In general, Greece has been praised for managing reopening and tourism amid the pandemic in a moderate manner. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) previously praised the country for this and noted that Greece was the first country to allow visitors who were fully vaccinated or would test negative when the rest of Europe had strict entry rules. The country is set to generate more than 12 billion euros in tourism revenue this year.

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