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About 150,000 Ukrainian Refugees Have Arrived in Germany So Far

Nearly 147,000 people who fled the war in Ukraine have registered in Germany since the Russian military invasion that began on February 24.

Germany’s Federal Interior Minister Nancy Visser has announced that more than 2,300 volunteers from the Technical Relief Agency (THW) have already settled in Germany to support children, women and men who have fled the war in Ukraine to settle in the country.

In a March 13 press release issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Society (BMI), Foreign Minister Weisser thanked all aides of municipalities, federal states and many other organizations for their commitment and solidarity with Ukraine, reports.

In this regard, Minister Visser said that Ukrainian refugees should receive assistance as quickly and comprehensively as possible, adding that there is a great effort by the federal, state and local government to help in this regard.

“It is now about providing the best possible care, accommodation and distribution to people who have fled. The federal government is providing tremendous support to states and local authorities in this regard — with the Federal Police, the Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees, and many other technical relief agency aides,” she noted.

According to BMI, 148 volunteers are stationed in Berlin to operate the power supply, expand emergency shelters, and relocate state-owned medical camps and facilities.

On March 11, a relief transport by THW arrived with sleeping beds and winter bags in Moldova.

In addition, in Poland, Romania and Moldova, THW volunteers are on hand with reconnaissance teams to secure supplies.

“Since March 3, THW has brought seven aid transports of Ukraine to the Polish-Ukrainian border, with medical items, generators, hygiene kits, first aid materials and other relief supplies,” the statement read.

The Federal Ministry of Interior and Society also announced that by March 14, the number of Ukrainian refugees had reached nearly 147,000.

In addition, Germany has initiated an initiative to relocate 2,500 Ukrainians currently living in Moldova.

This was announced by the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 12, after the minister’s meeting with his German counterpart Annalina Bariback.

On the other hand, not all Ukrainian citizens traveling to Germany will be required to pay for tickets, as the Polish state-owned company PKP has announced that it is offering free tickets to all refugees bound for Germany.

According to the company, Ukrainian refugees are allowed to travel free of charge in second class on the nine daily trains connecting the Polish cities of Warsaw, Przymyel and Gdynia to the German capital Berlin, as well as Frankfurt.

Moreover, the European countries that have opened their doors to a large number of refugees already fleeing the war in Ukraine are: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

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