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90% of British Travellers Say They Plan to Visit France in 2022

The results of a survey conducted by the France Media group revealed that about 90.1 per cent of Britons plan to travel to France next year.

The survey, which counted 100,000 respondents, showed that 76.8 percent of Americans also plan to travel to France in 2022, showing a growing interest in the destination, reports.

While Americans chose France as their summer destination (76.6 per cent), UK citizens plan to travel there mostly in the spring months (47.5 per cent), while 24.9 per cent plan to travel next summer.

Furthermore, 11.2 percent of Americans said they plan to travel in the spring, and 8.9 percent are not sure of their travel plans. Uncertainty among Britons was even more prominent, with 18.8 per cent saying they were not sure if they wanted to travel.

“After the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire to travel has only strengthened. Our readers had to enjoy France indirectly via our magazines and web content, but now they are able to return to France in person; they seem very eager to do so,” Benn noted. Stevens, general manager.

The same indicated that the demand for holiday and travel offerings is generating interest as people feel comfortable and confident to travel again.

A report by the European Travel Commission also revealed that France is among the top three destinations for Europeans as well, with 8.3 percent of over 4,000 respondents favoring Western Europe. Moreover, the same report shows that 74.4 per cent of respondents will most likely travel to France for leisure reasons, with the most preferred types of leisure being city holidays (18 per cent), sun and beach (17.3 per cent), coast and sea. (12.9 percent).

On the other hand, French nationals revealed that 63.7 percent were likely to travel in the next six months, 13.2 percent were neutral, and 23.1 percent said they were unlikely to travel anytime soon.

Moreover, the French mostly plan to travel to other European countries with 43.3 percent revealing, 37.5 percent saying they will travel domestically, 12.4 percent planning to travel outside the EU/Schengen area and 6.8 percent not knowing where they will yet travels.

However, preference for air travel has finally re-emerged with 13 per cent of all respondents saying they will travel by plane, and France (57.4 per cent) among the top five of those countries – lagging behind Spain (65.8 per cent) and Italy. (62.5 per cent), the UK (58.4 per cent) and listed before the Netherlands (52.8 per cent).

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