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8 Indian Nationals Arrested for Submitting Forged Visa Application Documents at German Consulate in Mumbai

Indian Marine Drive police filed six FIRs on Friday against eight nationals who allegedly submitted false documents at the German Consulate in Mumbai.

By submitting false documents, the defendants attempted to illegally obtain German visas, reports.

Police revealed that all the defendants applied for business, tourist and sailor visas using false passports and documents. However, the German Consulate found that the documents were wrong and immediately reported the case to the police. Additionally, the case was also reported to the Immigration Department at Mumbai Airport.

Previously, it was reported that Indian nationals are eligible to apply for a visa at the embassies of several European countries, even for tourism purposes, as visa application centers in European countries located in India resumed their work after remaining temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the many countries that now provide services for all types of visas, Germany is a part of them; Hence, providing services like Embassy pre-approved cases, D visa stamping for family reunification cases, and verification at the visa centers in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi and Kochi.

India is currently on the list of high risk areas in Germany. This means that all people entering Germany after staying more than ten days in India must provide evidence of vaccination against COVID-19, a negative test result, or evidence that the owner has recovered from the disease.

Passengers traveling from a danger zone also need to fill out a digital entry registration form and carry the received confirmation code with them.

In addition, according to the Robert Koch Institute, all people coming from India or any other country on the list of high infection areas who have not been fully vaccinated or recovered from the coronavirus disease need to remain isolated for ten days. However, the quarantine period can be shortened if a negative COVID-19 test result is submitted on or after the fifth day of isolation.

“People who have resided in an at-risk area should immediately return to their homes – or other accommodations at the destination – and self-isolate for ten days. The vaccinated and convalescent people can end the quarantine from the point in time when the vaccination is sent,” the institute noted. Or a convalescence certificate via entry report.

With the exception of Germany, Indian travelers can now also enter France, as the authorities of the latter decided to put the country on the yellow list due to the low rates of infection with the Corona virus.

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