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72 Travel Organisations Take Netherlands to Court Due to “Incorrect Travel Advice”

72 travel organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government, according to them, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides inaccurate travel advice.

According to these organizations, vaccinated travelers from countries outside the European Union, who are on the orange list, are also subject to travel warnings despite the fact that they do not pose a high risk in terms of contracting COVID-19, reports.

In addition, these groups have warned that later this week the Dutch government can expect an invitation from a Dutch court to appear before a judge.

The organizations expressed concerns that these travel rules could continue to harm the country’s already devastated travel sector, at the same time, they noted that the requirement for self-isolation outside the European Union no longer applies to fully immunized passengers, adding that vaccinations work everywhere , including countries outside the European Union.

They urged “reliable travel advice” that takes into account that the vast majority of people in the Netherlands are immune.

According to them, the State Department’s advice regarding the travel process dates back to some time before the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, countries that are considered epidemiologically safe should receive yellow or green travel advice, the organizations believe.

Although there has been some speculation that the ministry is “scrambling for a plan, possibly in November”, travel organizations consider it to be too late.

“What Dutch travelers expect from the temporary cabinet is up-to-date, fair and reliable travel advice on the spot. Joshua van Eigendhoven of Voga Travel on behalf of 72 travel organisations.

Previously, authorities in the Netherlands announced that travelers from other countries who have been fully vaccinated against the virus may soon be allowed to enter the country without adhering to strict entry rules, as the government has been discussing such a possibility.

In addition, a foreign ministry spokesman told De Telegraaf that the country may soon rescind its advice not to travel to many countries due to the coronavirus situation, except for essential reasons.

Last month, the Dutch government lifted some of its policies that were in place as precautionary measures to stop the virus from spreading further.

Due to travel requirements, only seven million foreigners were registered in accommodation facilities on Dutch soil during 2020, a sharp drop compared to 2019 figures. According to the Netherlands Tourism and Conference Board (NBTC), 13 million fewer travelers visited the Netherlands compared to 2019 figures .

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